Pie Face in 313 Somerset, Singapore

No. I wasn't hallucinating.
I swear my Chunky Steak Pie was giving me a weird quizzical look. Don't believe me?

Here's the proof:

pie face singapore 3
My Chunky Steak Pie got attitude! 

Well, it's not only the Chunky Steak Pie that would give you the "look". In fact, you can have an entire tray of pies giving you a wide assortment of "looks" and it makes it so much fun to figure out what each means.

pie face singapore 1
Welcome to Pie Face Singapore!  An Australian bakery / cafe that recently opened at the basement level of 313 Somerset. Weeks before it official opened here in Singapore, I've been hearing fellow bloggers talk about it. Since, I haven't been to Australia, I had no idea what this was but was just as excited about it as they were. Good thing, I had to run a lot of errands at the Somerset-Orchard area last Saturday so I made it a point to check out Pie Face at the same time.

pie face singapore 2
There were a lot of different pie fillings to choose from and I have to admit that it took me a while to finally make my decision. My first choice was actually the Chicken & Mushroom Pie (S$4.90 / S$3) which sadly was already all sold out. So, I moved on to my next choice -- the Chunky Steak Pie (S$5.20 / S$3.30). They also have spicy flavored ones with beef or chicken as well as vegetarian options too.

There are 5 regular-sized pies and 8 mini pies so you can just mix and match depending on your preference. Admittedly, these pies are not cheap as it averages at S$3 for the small ones and S$4.90 for the regular-sized ones. Given the same price, you can already get a full meal at any hawker stall or even at some fast food restaurants. However, quality comes with a price and that's what I gladly paid at Pie Face that day.

My Chunky Steak Pie came fresh out of the oven (how lucky can I get?!). So I was told to carefully bite into it so as not to burn my tongue. I did as told and slowly sliced through the buttery puff pastry which I love! I'm such a big fan of anything with puff pastry despite the mess I'd end up making with the crumbs bouncing off my plate while cutting through the crunchy crust. Inside the pie are huge chunks of steak and carrots.

pie face singapore 4
This, my friends, was the secret of my parents to make me eat veggies when I was younger. They would buy us boxes of meat pies when picking us up from school and since we were famished, we'd inhale all those pies not caring that it contains carrots, celery, peas and more. I got smart parents, don't I? Similar to Pie Face, I cleaned my plate eating every tiny bit of steak and carrots with no complains. The filling was very savory but something was still missing. I can't still figure out what it was but it was lacking that oomph that would make it totally satisfying. Could it be the weak flavor or the steak wasn't as tender as I was hoping it to be? I'll try to figure it out on my next try.

Nonetheless, the experience was good and I can't wait to go back to try more! Hopefully, the Chicken and Mushroom Pie would be available by then. *fingers and toes crossed*


pie face singapore 5

Check out Pie Face at 313 Somerset, B3-10 Singapore. They also have a branch at Bugis Village too. Like them on Facebook for more details.

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