Crisp on 28th at Bonifacio Global City

It's FRIDAY and I'm in loveeeee! ♥

I know, I know...Valentine's Day has long been over but hey, why not share the love every single day, right? For one thing, Friday always has this effect on me. Waking up feeling extra happy and giddy and despite having to finish off a heavy workload, the thought of being able to enjoy two glorious work-free days after is enough to put a big smile on my face the whole day. Since, it's my (3rd) favorite day of the week, let me share with you one of the highlights of my recent trip back to Manila.

crisp on 28th 1
For one of our dinners, my family and I decided to check out Crisp on 28th. This has been on my list since last year but since our trips are always so short or packed with our personal errands, it's pretty much impossible to be able to try all the new restaurants starting from the time we temporarily bid Manila goodbye. Truth to be told, I've gave up hoping that I'll be able to catch up with the newly opened restaurants in town so instead of stuffing myself silly (and unhealthily), we will just go by our own pace. As they say... "so little time, so many restaurants to visit!"

Pan was able to try Crisp on 28th when she went to have dessert with some of her friends. Her experience wasn't so bad so she suggested that we check it out as well. The menu was presented on a couple of loose sheets of paper with the dishes scribbled all over. Not really OCD-friendly but well... I learned that they change the menu every so often so what we have tried that evening could just be around for a couple of weeks or so. Not to worry as I'm pretty sure they keep the best-selling ones.

crisp on 28th 2
Whenever we're dining out with my family, one thing is for sure. Our menu line-up would pretty be on the healthy side. Be it a salad, a clear broth soup or seafood choices over meat. Take this meal for example, we started with a healthy platter of Tinapa and Quinoa Salad (Php. 365 - sharing). This was supposed to be just Pan's individual order but since we all wanted to have some salad, Pan decided to just upgrade her solo serving salad to one that we can all share. I'm glad she did as this was really yummy! I love the generous portions of quinoa and how it paired so well with the fresh greens and tinapa flakes. In addition to that, it's loaded with cherry tomatoes, mango strips, coriander (wansoy), salted egg and crunchy prawn and tinapa rosti. So yummy! The kalamansi (lime) and honey dressing was also a winner. I hope they'd keep this in the menu as I'd love to go back for more.

crisp on 28th 4
For our mains, we all had our individual orders and just passed it around for everyone to sample a bite. Paul and I got the Shrimp Roll (Php. 315) which was they're version of the ever-famous lobster roll. Juicy and meaty chunks of shrimps (or I dare say, prawns) are packed within a nice slice of bread. It's mixed with salted egg mayo and served with pickled papaya (atchara) and sweet potato shoestring fries. This was probably my favorite dish that evening and I just can't stop raving about it. Please take me back to Crisp on 28th... PLEASE! :)

crisp on 28th 6
To go with our Shrimp Roll, we had a pasta dish. The Crab and Tomato Parpadelle (Php. 460) unfortunately paled miserably in comparison to the first two dishes. It's a very rich and creamy pasta dish with roasted pumpkin, snow peas, spinach and basil. You can also get a good bite of crabmeat in every spoonful but the sauce was just too thick and rich that it was a bit "nakaka-umay" after a few bites.

crisp on 28th 5
As for my Papa dear, he was the only one who got a meaty dish that evening. His choice was Slow Cooked Pork Loin (Php. 470) which he enjoyed greatly with a cup of brown rice. He said it was very flavorful and the meat was tender. Even Paul agreed that it was really good and the sauce will surely make you want to get more rice.

crisp on 28th 3
My A-I (ah-ee) joined us for dinner that evening and her choice was the Grilled Shrimps & Tabbouleh (Php. 520) which she shared with Mommy. Luckily, I sat across Mommy who passed on a small piece of perfectly grilled shrimps to me. Yay! Normally, I stay away from shrimp dishes as I feel that most restaurants would charge you an arm and a leg yet you'll get tiny shrimps both in size and quantity. That's not the case at Crisp on 28th. This one came with medium-sized shrimps sitting on top of a bed of fresh greens.

The best thing though was the couscous as well as the cucumber-flavored yogurt too. Over-all, our experience was pleasant. While I failed to spot restaurant owner Erwan Heusaff that evening, I still left the restaurant with a huge smile on my face. The exact same kind that one gives after having a really good food at a restaurant.

Check out Crisp on 28th at the G/F Alveo Corporate Center, 28th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenue) in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Call them at +63-917-5846883.

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