Saveur Art at ION Orchard, Singapore

Two years.

That's how long ago since I've bid good bye to my family, friends and colleagues in Manila which also means how long Paul and I have been here in the Lion City. It's really amazing to note how fast time flies and the number of things that can happen in just a span of 730 days. I can still remember my first month in Singapore. We were slowly adjusting to the different bus routes from our area to work and we are pretty much clueless when it comes to the new restaurants and the must-tries around. I have to say that we got to hand it to our very helpful friends who have made adjusting in this lovely city pretty much stress-free.

I have to admit that we still miss Manila greatly. The people, the food, the culture and even our way of life and comfort back home. However, moving out of our very sheltered world has taught us a bunch of things. Being independent is one of them and along with it comes a great dose of maturity. These are the two things we will continue to treasure and cultivate in life.

saveur art 7
When it comes to the foodie front, I now have a growing list of restaurants that I'm aiming to try. Thanks to the new found foodie friends we've made here, we are made much more aware of the newest gastronomic trend in town and of which restaurant falls under which group. Take the Saveur Group for example. We first tried Concetto by Saveur almost a year ago and greatly enjoyed their pasta and dessert. It was then that we learned that Saveur is known to serve good authentic French dishes at such reasonable prices. This visit was followed by dining at Saveur at Purvis Street with visiting friends. Once again, another delightful dining experience. So when my former boss L and colleague E messaged me that they're here in Singapore, I suggested that we check out the newest addition to the Saveur Group -- Saveur Art.

Saveur Art is the high end restaurant among the 3. It specializes in dishes that makes use of top quality ingredients and plated in such a beautiful way. After all, cooking is an art so why not prettify each dish for better appreciation right?

saveur art 1
Our dinner began with some complimentary Squid Ink Crisp with marinated anchovies and pimento coulis. As the saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover. Similarly, do not ever judge this tiny piece of crunchy squid ink cracker by its size. You'll be surprise at how flavorful it was. It was so nice of Saveur Art to have this delicious complimentary amuse bouche.

saveur art 2
Receiving one complimentary dish is good enough but when our server came back with small glasses filled with Seaweed Sabayon soup and told us that it was compliments of the chef, that really impressed me. Deliciously creamy soup that has successfully whet our appetites even further.

saveur art 3
We also had the Salmon Confit (S$11) for our appetizer. I loved loved loved every bite of it! The fresh salmon perfectly complemented the grated cauliflower bed and the salty fish caviar (ikura) on top. Even the edible flowers were delicious! My oh my! I highly recommend this.

saveur art 4
For our mains, Paul and I got exactly the same thing. We had the Fish of the Day which was a slice of grilled Sea Bass and a mix of vegetables. No carbs for this particular dish but we were surprisingly full after polishing the plate clean. I particularly love the veggies as all of it have a crisp bite and it was really tasty too. So happy with main course choice that evening.

saveur art 5
For dessert, we shared the Vanilla Parfait (S$10) which was an interesting creation of sliced strawberries and topped with vanilla ice cream sprinkled with lavender meringue. I really love Saveur's desserts as it's always a deconstructed or modern take of the traditional meal-enders that we used to have.

saveur art 6
As with any meal, the best thing about it is the company. In our case, it was a fun evening catching up with fellow colleagues whom I haven't seen for two years already. Thank you so much L and E for bringing us all together again. ♥

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Saveur Art is located at 04-11 ION Orchard, Singapore. Call them at 6634-1141 to make reservations.

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