Glambue : Good Looking Bamboo Homeware

Are you a bowl or plate person? 

I'm actually more of a bowl person. By this, I mean, I like to eat in a bowl. It must be because, when I was growing up, my yaya would create a nice rice bowl for Pan and I making it easier for us to eat especially when Mommy and Papa had to work late and we get to have dinner in front of the TV. On nights when we get to eat as a family, I would still swap out my plate with a bowl especially when we're having a sauce-filled viand like adobo, curry or Mommy's specially -- Pickled Chicken. *drool*

glambue 3

I somehow carried on this eating habit all the way to adulthood. In fact, it took Paul some getting used to when I would put bowls instead of plates when setting up our table for dinner. So imagine my joy when I discovered Glambue and all of its beautiful bamboo bowls, salad tossers, and serving trays.

Let me tell you why it was love at first sight:

First of all, Glambue is eco-friendly. After all, Mother Earth holds a special place in my heart and I try to do my part in its conservation. Secondly, bamboo is light-weight, easy to store and stack and best of all, such a breeze to clean. Lastly, Glambue is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l making it a great dinnerware to use especially when entertaining guests.

I started off with three Glambue bowls -- Pop Small (S$15), Pop Medium (S$25) and Pop Large (S$35). For months, we have been using these bowls interchangeably as we poured in our dips, sauces, served our fresh garden salads, use it as pasta bowls, soup bowls and more.

Here are some of the dishes that I've prepared and served using our pretty Glambue bowls. We've been quite creative on how we use it and I think we need more to complete our collection!

glambue 1
Spicy Sardines Yakisoba in a Pop Large bowl

glambue 2
Pasta Oriental Salad in Pop Large and Pop Medium bowls

The fastest way to order your Glambue homeware is to send in an enquiry through their website. I hope they'll come out with more designs soon but for now, let me add in more colors to our current Glambue collection.

Visit Glambue's official website at and on Facebook too

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