Symmetry Cafe Singapore : From Day to Night

There's really something about cafes that give that nice calming effect. Must be the nice aroma of the coffee or the light chatter of the people around me. During my weekly me-time moments, I always find that sense of peace while enjoying a nice cup of Flat White together with my choice of brunch as I read a new book or simply stare off into space. However, when that cafe would make me want to go back again and again, then I know that it has successful won my heart and it will permanently stay there for years to come. Yes, I'm THAT loyal. After all, I was born on the Year of the Dog. *arf!*

symmetry cafe 6
I think I have found my favourite cafe in the Lion City the moment I step inside Symmetry Cafe. How I ended up having brunch there was purely accidental. You see, I was a few hours early for a work-related event and with my growling tummy, I roamed the streets of Kampong Glam in search of a nice cafe to hang out in. Then I remembered I and C telling me about Symmetry Cafe. A quick search on Google Maps led me to Jalan Kubor which was relatively the more quiet side away from the rows of bars, retail shops and backpackers inns.

symmetry cafe 2
Since I was alone, I was led towards the bar area which was really cool as I got to watch the coffee barista at work. As it turns out, you can order alcoholic drinks even in the morning so he's not purely a coffee barista after all. I started with a glass of Iced Flat White which was good. Strong with a robust flavor, I was quite pleased with my coffee.

symmetry cafe 3
I paired this with Truffle Egg Mushroom (S$21) which was a very impressive brunch platter. I had to stop and admire it for a few seconds as I wasn't really expecting anything like this. Can you say that it was love at first sight? ♥ Thankfully Paul is not the jealous type with my heart skipping a beat at the mere sight of beautiful delicious things like these. 

symmetry cafe 4
Look how creamy the egg was and the truffle smelled amazing as it was laid down in front of me. It was everything that I love in a breakfast platter -- eggs, hash brown, mushroom and buttered toast! Each bite was just so perfect as I slowly savored all these. I swear, that moment was just so perfect I wish for it to stay just like that forever.

symmetry cafe 5
Well, I never stopped talking about Symmetry Cafe days after that. So, it was no surprise that I went back with my favorite work friends D, G and K, this time to enjoy a quiet evening catching up with one another. I haven't seen K for months and I missed her so much.

symmetry cafe 8
From coffee in the morning, I shifted to getting a bottle of Crushed Pear Cider (S$8 -- Happy Hour!) at night. Not really big fans of beer or any strong alcoholic drinks, K and I opted to have a bottle of cider each while enjoying our dinner. I like how light and mild-tasting my cider was, it has the same taste of beer minus the lingering after taste.

symmetry cafe 11
Since we weren't that hungry, we opted to try a mix of their bar chows or Snacks as categorized in the menu. My pick was the Shrimp Nachos with Hickory Sauce (S$16). Oh, Paul will love love love this as he adores anything with hickory sauce. I was a bit disappointed though as I was expecting a bigger, meatier chunk of shrimps (think shrimp roll) and not tiny, almost non-existent ones. It was a-okay but I don't think I'm getting this again next time.

symmetry cafe 10
K ordered the Smoked Turkey Ham & Cheese Croquette with Mix Berries Relish (S$16). Thankfully my friend has better taste and this one was a winner! I love the perfect contrast of the crunchy deep-fried coating with the creamy filling of potato, ham and cheese. The ham had a salty, smokey flavour that at some point, I stopped and wondered if they had added bacon inside. Hmm.. why not right?! The mix berries dip was also very interesting and I loved it!

symmetry cafe 12
D ordered a bucket of Truffle Fries (S$15) which was good! Well, who doesn't love fries and truffle oil? The serving was quite big too making it a good choice to share with friends.

We also had the Crispy Chicken & Seaweed (S$15) which was delicious! The chicken fillet was very juicy and tender although I'm not a big fan of oily, deep-fried seaweed which really adds-on to all the unhealthy eating guilt.

symmetry cafe 1
For dessert, we shared the Vanilla and Chia Seed Panna Cotta (S$14) which was BEAUTIFUL! Encased in a clear plastic globe, the silky panna cotta is topped with raspberry sauce, sprinkled with crunchy chia seed and we're not quite sure what the green bits are. D said it looked like a Terrarium which is so in trend right now! Well, I'm happy to report that it's as yummy as it looked. I love biting into the chia seed in every scoop and even the crunchy green bits were delicious. Still not sure what it was but it added more texture to the panna cotta.

symmetry cafe 13
We also tried the Hazelnut and Chocolate Mille Feuille (S$16) which was every chocoholic's dream. Served with a scoop of chocolate ice cream, the cake had a nice velvety cream filling and a sponge-like cake base.

From Day to Night, Symmetry Cafe has won my heart! I can't wait to go back for brunch again this time with Paul whom I'm pretty sure will love it the same way I do.

Symmetry Cafe is located at 9 Jalan Kubor, Singapore 199206. Call them at +65-62919901 to make a reservation.

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