Pigs & Wolf in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

I just broke a new record last Tuesday. That is the fastest overseas trip that I've ever taken in my life. The record time : approximately 12 hours. Yup! I flew out of Singapore for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the morning and was back at Changi International Airport 12 hours after. I have to say the trip left me so exhausted and almost in the brink of collapsing but looking back, it was still a nice adventure all together.

pigs and wolf 5
Since I had a bit of time before my scheduled meeting in Kuala Lumpur, I decided to head to my favorite shopping mall -- Pavilion as this is one place I know I won't feel lost and can easily hail a cab to my meeting place right away. Pavilion is located along Jalan Bukit Bintang, the shopping district of Kuala Lumpur. It houses a lot of luxury brands so you can tell immediately that this mall is rather upscale. I like it though as I try to avoid overly crowded malls and walking around Pavilion never fails to give me that sense of peace.

pigs and wolf 4
For lunch, I checked out the newly opened section of the mall called Dining Loft. It's at the 7th floor of the mall and I find the mix of restaurants rather trendy. I first spotted Pigs & Wolf which reminded me of the Three Little Pigs nursery rhyme.

What does Pigs & Wolf specializes in? Pork, of course! Not known to many, I'm not really crazy over bacon (sorry friends!), as I prefer to have sausages if given the choice, so it took me a while to choose what to get for lunch that day. Finally, I decided to try the Wolf's Favourite (RM 29) as it's one of the house specialties.

pigs and wolf 2
Creamy pasta served with smoked bacon and button mushrooms topped with poached egg and crunchy bacon bits with parmesan cheese. Ooh lala! Such a rich and creamy pasta dish that's similar to a carbonara. This suddenly reminded me of my bacon-loving friends whom I know will love love love this!

pigs and wolf 3
Now, let us take a look at that yolk slowly oozing out. Gorgeous, isn't it? The pasta was surprisingly good as I enjoyed the salty kick of the bacon which perfectly contrasted with the creamy sauce. It makes a good comfort dish.

pigs and wolf 1
To go with my pasta dish, I tried the Wake Up (RM12) which is a healthy blend of celery, apple, orange and lemon. Slightly similar to may favourite morning ABC drink only it has a tangy aftertaste due to the citrus-y addition. It was quite warm in Kuala Lumpur during the day that I was there so I happily drank this to cool myself down.

Honestly, I entered the restaurant with zero expectations. My main goal was to have lunch and to be able to sit comfortably as I catch up with my work emails. It's one of those moments that I thought I'll just eat. Didn't expect the food would leave a lasting mark, good enough to push me to blog about it. Well, Pigs & Wolf did more than that. The superb service of the staff, the delicious pasta dish that I ordered, and the refreshing drink that I enjoyed left me in such a happy state afterwards.

Check out Pigs & Wolf at Level 7, Dining Loft at Pavilion KL, Jalan Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Call them at +60 3-2110 4438. 

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