Airport Lounge : Pacific Club Lounge

You may have noticed that I've been flying in and out of Manila quite often these past few weeks. With my sister's wedding and a couple of family stuff that I have to attend to, I found myself being a frequent visitor of both Changi Airport and our very own Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Not that I want to play favorites but it's not hard to favor Terminal 3 over the other 2. First of all, it's newer (and way cleaner) and secondly, it has a lot more dining options that makes the waiting time much more bearable. As much as I love flying home, I have to admit that I really dislike waiting. While Manila is simply a quick 3 hour and 10 minute flight from Singapore, you also have to factor in the time you have to allot for check-in, immigration checks, luggage scans (oh gosh!) and getting to your boarding gate on time only to find out your flight will be delayed.

pacific club 1
For the past months though, I've been more patient in waiting thanks to having access to several airline lounges all over the world. This has kept me busy eating or surfing the internet while we get word when my flight is ready to board passengers. I recently flew home again to attend the wedding of my dear friends J and D. I was flying solo as Paul had to stay in Singapore for work. Since I got to the airport early due to that laglag-bala scare, I had more than hour of waiting time before boarding time. Up I went to Level 4 where all the airline lounges are located. I have been to Sky View Lounge before so I turned left and checked out Pacific Club Lounge this time. This lounge caters to passengers of Delta, KLM, SkyTeam and Priority Pass. I believe that BPI SkyMiles Platinum cardholders can enter too. 

The interiors looked pretty. Simple but pretty. I handed my access card and within minutes, I was welcomed by the receptionist to enter the lounge. 

pacific club 5
Of course, after putting down my hand-carry luggage, I went straight to the buffet table. Hmm.. are these all? That was the first thing that entered my mind as all they had was Arroz Caldo, a very dry-looking Club Sandwich, more dry-looking baked pastries and the most promising item on the buffet line -- cut-up fresh fruits. Oh dear.. I wished I followed my instinct and went to the other lounge instead. *sniffle* 

pacific club 6
Normally, I get excited about the snacks being offered in the several lounges that I've been to but this is the only time that I just got myself a glass of orange juice... which is very sweet, by the way, and just opened my laptop to surf the net. 

pacific club 2
To be fair though, this is the perfect lounge for those who wants some peace and quiet as people here are busy with their laptops so you can have some good alone time if you need to. Don't come here though if you're hungry as you're actually better of dining at any of the restaurants and cafes below. 

It's a very short review of Pacific Club Lounge as I wasn't really able to do much given the lack of food options and non-existence of any other amenities. 

Pacific Club Lounge is located at Level 4 (after immigration), Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3. 

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