Nakhon Kitchen in Pasir Panjang

I just love the feeling of satisfaction that I would get whenever we get to discovery a delicious hole-in-the-wall restaurant. The criteria is that is has to be reasonably priced and the food quality is superb. More often than not, cheap food does not really go hand in hand with good taste so this can be quite challenging. So when we get to find one, we know that it's a keeper.

Take for example Nakhon Kitchen located along Pasir Panjang. Our friend B has been telling us about it and we even attempted to try it out for dinner a few months back only to find out that they're close every Wednesdays and we went exactly on ... yes, a Wednesday. So, on my second attempt, I made sure of the following: 1) it wasn't a Wednesday and 2) I gave the restaurant a call to double check. This time, we were successful! 

nakhon thai 2
Thai food is one cuisine that both Paul and I love! Except for Pandan Chicken, which Paul somehow dislikes, we would try to be adventurous and would experiment in trying a new Thai dish every now and then. For this round though, we decided to stick to the staples as those were also the ones the server recommended for us to try. We started with an order of Thai Crispy Spring Roll (S$4/6pcs). Delicious bite-sized deep-fried rolls filled with veggies and minced meat. It was yummy! I love the fact that it wasn't very oily too. 

nakhon thai 1
Of course, no visit to a Thai restaurant will ever be complete without having Phad Thai (S$5)! It's funny because even my friend M and her boyfriend P immediately requested to have this as well. The noodles had a good al dente bite complementing the peanut-y sauce with a hint of salty and sour flavors. They were generous with the squid and tofu but I could hardly find the shrimps. Well, for the price, I may be asking for too much. Nonetheless, it was very good and it would be the type that I'd order in every visit. 

nakhon thai 4
Together with the Phad Thai, another staple dish is the Seafood Tom Ka Soup (S$6). Very similar to the classic Tom Yam Soup but the only difference is the addition of coconut milk. It was so yummy! The creamy coconut milk has perfectly balanced out the spicy kick of the soup. The serving was also big enough to be shared by 4! What a steal! 

nakhon thai 3
As for me, I also loved the Green Curry Chicken  (S$8) which is my benchmark for good Thai cooking. After all, I believe that all authentic Thai kitchen should know how to prepare a basic (but tricky) curry dish. I'm happy to report that Nakhon Kitchen's curry has passed with flying colors! It was so yummy that you'll surely want to have more rice with it.  For the price, all servings are good for sharing that most of us even had two rounds of the curry! 

nakhon thai 5
Lastly, we tried the Stir-Fried Chicken with Hot Basil Leaves (S$6). This was the only dish that I wasn't so crazy about as it was a bit too spicy for me to enjoy. 

It was a really good meal at Nakhon Kitchen and we're so glad to be able to discover such a great find so close to home. This surely calls for a repeat visit soon! 

Nakhon Kitchen is located at 87 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore. Call them at 6473-3396. Remember that they're closed on Wednesdays! 

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