Meat Liquor in Duxton Hill, Singapore [CLOSED]

*note: I just learned that MeatLiquor is now closed. The reason, I'm not very sure but I'm so sad about it. There goes the only place where I go to for Fried Pickles and yummy Burgers. :(

Just for one night, we totally threw "diet" out of the window. So longggg!! *waves*

meat liquor 1
Well, we had a good reason. A was in town and the NKids got together for a night of meat, meat and more meat! I was so excited to learn that London's famous Meat Liquor opened a branch here in Singapore a few months ago, so this is another thing I happily crossed out from my list after our visit.

meat liquor 2
The menu was pretty straight forward, there were a couple of burger options, salad (but who wants them right?) and sides! We started with some Deep-Fried Mac & Cheese (S$15) which looked just as mouth-watering as it sounded. Come on, who doesn't love Mac & Cheese right? I love how the creamy macaroni was well-encased in such a nice deep-fried crust.

meat liquor 3
As soon as you take your first bite, out comes the cheesy sauce oozing out. It was delicious! Served with some tangy marinara sauce, it definitely was a good starter choice. We loved it so much that we had to add one more order for everyone to fully enjoy.

meat liquor 4
We also tried the Shambal Fries (S$10) which was just a-okay in my opinion. Perhaps because it has a strong spicy kick making it a bit harder to enjoy but I also felt that it was way too much with a mountain of fries, sambal sauce and fried egg.

meat liquor 5
In fact, I enjoyed the Chili Cheese Fries (S$18) more. Same thick-cut fries topped with beef chilli, cheese sauce, onions and jalapeno. It has a nice Mexican flavor and the toppings were well-balanced with just the right amount of meat, sauce and veggies.

meat liquor 8
For our burgers, both Paul and I got the Dead Hippie (S$22) which was an awesome burger creation with 2 mustard-fried beef patties, dead hippie sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and mined white onions. Definitely not for the faint-hearted but I tell you, it's one of the best tasting burgers I've had in my life. The meat was really juicy and chunky and the homemade dead hippie sauce was really good. We're not quite sure that it's made of though but it really made this one 'awesomazing' masterpiece that will surely get us hooked foreverrrr.

meat liquor 7
Somebody also tried the Buffalo Chicken Burger (S$20) which looked fiery hot! Not quite sure if it's as good as our burgers but the serving sure looked very generous.

meat liquor 6
To go with our burgers,we got some big and fluffy Onion Rings (S$9). I tell you, it seems like everything is huge in size here at Meat Liquor. Even these Onion Rings are HUGE! In fact, one piece was enough to fill me up. Flavor-wise though, it's not one of the best that I've had. The batter was quite bland that it did nothing but gave a crunchy coating to the onion rings. I'm skipping this next time and I'll go for more Deep-Fried Mac & Cheese instead.

Meat Liquor is a fun resto-bar located along the quiet street of Duxton Hill. It's strategically located near the Tanjong Pagar office area making it so convenient for office people like yours truly to just walk over whenever the craving for good burgers and deep-fried sides comes about.

Check out Meat Liquor at 99 Duxton Road, Singapore 089543.

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