Say it with The Line Shop's Thought Cakes

Remember this song?

It's amazing how you 
Can speak right to my heart. 
Without saying a word
You can light up the dark...
...You say it best, when you say nothing at all.

the line 1
When you're too shy to speak or the way to his/her heart is through her stomach, I have a tip for you -- say it with a cake (and make sure that's it's yummy too!). I'm not talking about any ordinary cake of course. Go with any of The Line Shop's Thought Cakes that comes in three mouth-watering flavors: Double Chocolate Crunch, Mid-Summer Berry Passion or Vanilla-Vanilla.

the line 2
I was able to try the Mid-Summer Berry Passion and I love the soft sponge cake that envelopes the fruity jelly center. It was really delicious that I excitedly shared it with my colleagues N and R who happily enjoyed it for breakfast one morning.

Customizing your cake is easy!

1st step: Choose your cake

the line 4
2nd step: Choose from the 50 customized messages available.
There's a wide range from I Love You to #Hello and even some more deep, profound ones like "Think less - feel more."

the line 3
3rd step: Choose your box
From the Enchanting Black Box (see above) to girly Pretty Pink and celebratory Sunshine Orange.

The best part is, these cakes are reasonably priced at only S$38! I'd say it's a great deal and definitely a good choice for life's milestones and special occassions.

Visit The Line Shop's website to order or call +65-6213-4377.

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