Starbucks Coffee Philippines x Moleskine 2016 Planner

Question: What happens when the world's top coffee chain teams up with the world's most-sought-after notebook/diary brand?

starbucks ph planner 1
The answer is ... THIS.

starbucks ph planner 2
Yup, this Christmas was made extra special (and more classy) by our friends over at Starbucks Coffee as they launched the 2016 Planner in partnership with Moleskine. Paper fanatics will surely go crazy over this as we all know how amazing Moleskine notebooks are. I could hardly use mine though as I don't want to waste any page with my scratchy handwriting. Moleskine notebook paper has this touch-worthy smooth texture and that distinct "dirty white" shade with grey lines on every page.

In the midst of the digital age where actual desk calendars are being replaced by desktop calendars, paper books and magazines are turning to e-books and e-magazines respectively, I noticed though that people still love jotting down their to-dos and daily schedules on paper. Take my sister for example, despite being a loyal user of Evernote, Google Calendars and whatnot, her year will never be complete without having her Starbucks Coffee Planner where she records every single moment of her day. Might be something out of habit but when blackout strikes or no wi-fi is available in the vicinity, it's always good to go back to basic once in a while.

starbucks ph planner 4
Small size planner is just slightly bigger than an iPhone 6!
Anyway, how can you resist this beautiful thing? This year's planner comes in two sizes and in four attractive colors -- black, red, green and white. I had my eyes on the red one since I first read about it. The red has this nice sexy hue which stands-out amidst all the black and white items I have in my bag yet it's such a classic shade that doesn't really call unnecessary attention to itself.

starbucks ph planner 3
As you know, these precious planners gets redeemed so quickly so the question is -- how can you get your every own planner SOON? Easy peasy, simple purchase (9) Starbucks Holiday beverages (hot/cold/frappuccino) + (9) regular beverages excluding bottled beverages.

starbucks ph planner 5
I know that getting your very own Starbucks x Moleskine planner is a treat on its own but the fun doesn't stop there. Take a peek inside your planner and you get these special coupons which you can redeem on the specified month from January to October 2016. It goes from getting a buy-one-get-one treat, a drink upgrade or free bag of coffee beans!

In addition to buying 18 drinks, you can also get your very own planner when you make a bulk purchase worth Php. 7,000. That would be something to consider if you planning your Christmas shopping. Also, every planner redeemed will be equivalent to a donation made by the company to their partner NGOs such as Teach for the Philippines and Philippines Educational Theater Association (PETA). Now, that truly bring out the true meaning of giving this Christmas, doesn't it?

Check out the Starbucks Coffee x Moleskine 2016 Planner in all Starbucks Coffee outlets nationwide. Have a happy ho-ho-holidays to all! 

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