Heritage Dining at Joyden Treasures in Leisure Park Kallang

There's really something special about traditional recipes which have been passed down from generation to generation. It's the kind that has been perfected overtime that no matter what, each dish will surely be a treat to your senses.

I was recently invited to visit the newly opened Joyden Treasures at Leisure Park Kallang. It's a bit out of the way even from my office but there's no way that I'm missing this. After all, I've been wanting to try Joyden since my first year here in Singapore as I heard that it's one of the best Chinese restaurants in town. Finally, I can happily put a big check mark beside it on my list!

Joyden Treasures is the 3rd Joyden outlet in Singapore. It's being managed by second generation owners who aims to stay true to their family's heritage by ensuring that the dishes presented are as authentically traditional as it can get. For one thing, Joyden is known for its seafood dishes so we surely had a lot of that during our tasting dinner.

joyden treasure 6
Our meal began with the Double-Boiled Seafood Soup in Old Cucumber (S$14). Served individually in personal-sized old cucumber, be careful as you slurp as the soup is piping hot! It's a very refreshing yet highly nutritional broth filled with  mushrooms, dried scallops and fish maw. I dug a little deeper and I got a piece of pork wonton too! It was so yummy and definitely a great way to start a meal.

joyden treasure 7
Next was the Phoenix Beancurd Skin Prawn Roll (S$16/22/30). Aesthetically, this was an easy favorite as everybody just loves prawns and we just love how it was presented. I carefully bit into my prawn roll and I was surprised to see slices of salted egg and century egg inside! This was indeed one of the dishes I'd love to have again and again.

joyden treasure 10
We also had the Steamed Red Grouper in Homemade Soy Bean Broth (market price). Quite interesting as normally we would have steamed fish with soy sauce but the soy bean has made it more milky and the deep-fried enoki mushroom on top has added that interesting crunch to your every bite.

joyden treasure 11
Now comes the only thorn among the roses or shall I say, the only meat among the seafood. Here comes the glorious Crispy Fragrant Duck with Lotus-Shaped Buns (S$58). To be honest, I was never a fan of duck as I find to be quite dry and tough but this dish has totally won me over! From the moment that the auntie expertly sliced open the duck and we could loudly here the crunch crunch crunch sound in her every move, wow! That alone was enough to make my mouth water.

joyden treasure 12
As she opened the duck, I looked at the meat which seemed so tender! I tried a small piece and my observation was right. It was indeed very juicy and tender. I love it! I was happy helping myself to the duck meat that I actually forgot that it should go with the steamed lotus buns and some veggies. Oopsie..

joyden treasure 1
Here you go, my shredded duck meat in a bun. If you ask me, I still prefer having the duck meat alone minus the bun but with lots of sambal and orange sauce. This was indeed a winner!

joyden treasure 2
Going back to more seafood, we had one of Joyden Treasures' specialties -- the Jumbo Prawns in Traditional Dark Sauce (S$26/36/52). As you order this, I'll give you one important tip.. order a bowl of rice AND do NOT share! Then start digging in. You'll love the meaty jumbo prawns and the fragrant dark soy sauce that goes so well when drizzled onto your steamed rice. I tell you, I can just have rice and the sauce for a meal. Don't say I didn't warn ya!

joyden treasure 3
For our last dish, we had the Traditional Salt Baked Crab which was another delicious dish. Next to the duck and the prawn roll, this is the 3rd dish that has captured my heart that evening. I normally refrain from eating crabs outside as I really do not like getting my hands dirty but I couldn't help it! The baked crabs covered in different types of salt was just too good to pass up on! I was lucky to get one of the claw (thank you kind tablemates!) and it was full of yummy crab meat. Ohhh heaven!

Now comes the challenge to continue that gastronomic feast up until dessert.

joyden treasure 4
We had the Traditional Yam Puree (S$16/26/36) which was served warm. I love how the yam puree was so creamy and the water chestnuts, in contrast, gave it an interesting bite with it's crunchiness. I'm just not too crazy about gingko nuts which I successfully was able to push to the side. It's really yummy and the kind that I'd love to have after every meal.

joyden treasure 5
As for those who wants some cake, then you have to try the Malagao (S$4.20). This is one of Paul's favorite Chinese desserts and I'm sure he'll approve of Joyden Treasures' version as it's very much like the old-school malagao cooked with gula melaka. It was so soft and fluffy, just the way we love it.

What a feast! I'm glad that I was finally able to try Joyden Treasures and it's no wonder why the Joyden group has been around for decades already. Nothing beats serving authentic, top quality Cantonese dishes perfect for special functions, parties or basically whenever the craving hits.

Check out Joyden Treasures at 5 Stadium Walk, 02-42, Leisure Park Kallang, Singapore. Nearest MRT station is Stadium (yellow line). Call them at 6446-8488.

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