turns 9!

Oh wow! 9 years. That's equivalent to 3,285 days or 78,840 hours. Looking forward, I'm actually a year away from celebrating a decade of non-stop food blogging, eating and cooking. To be honest, it really doesn't feel like it has been 9 years. I guess, time flies when you're doing what you love.

frannywanny turns 9
So what's in store for for the next 365 days? Definitely more eating, cooking and food blogging. I'll be having a big giveaway soon so please stay tuned for that. Also, I have a ton of food and travel stories to tell and my only blogniversary wish is to finally start "unclogging" my years worth of blog backlogs.

As with any blog anniversary, I dedicate this day to you. Yes, YOU. The one reading this entry right now. I once told my friend that to be honest, I can't believe that someone is reading my blog. I started blogging back in 2007 thinking that I'm just talking to myself or at the very least to Paul and to my sister who have no choice but to be my loyal readers. Up until this day, it thrills me whenever I get a comment or an email from any one of you. I still blush when someone comes up to me to say hi but please continue doing that because you have no idea how that really makes my day. will not be where it is or what it is right not had it not been for its readers. Like it's not really fun to eat alone, having you guys around gives me that sense of comfort that you'll always be with me through my foodie journeys and adventures.

Here's to more years of eating, drinking and cooking! Cheers!

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