New Menu Items at Harry's Singapore

In a country where restaurants and cafes have been opening left and right, you could say that the competition to survive in this little food mecca is really tough. As fast as they open, we've already bid good bye to quite a lot over the past 3+ years that Paul and I have been here.  It's quite heartbreaking, if you ask me, especially for those that we've grown to love and patronize for the short time that they were around. That said, I really have the highest respect for restaurants that have withstand not only the test of time but in and outgoing trends and people's ever-changing minds as well. Take for example Harry's which is currently celebrating their 24th anniversary here in Singapore. I guess, one of their secret is their willingness to innovate and to keep up with time.

A year ago, they started to renovate their outlets doing away with the dark, very masculine-feel bar to a more trendy, travel-themed resto-bar that caters not only the men but to women and even to the younger crowd too. I love Harry's for their small plates which goes very well with your choice of drinks. Regardless if you want it alcoholic or non-alcoholic, these yummy munchies are the perfect pair to complete your experience.

That said, Paul and I had the privilege to try some of the newest items in their menu and I can't wait to share them with you!

harrys bar singapore 2
We started our meal with Soy Glazed Beef Cubes (S$18.90) which are tender cuts of beef coated in soy-glaze very similar to a teriyaki sauce. We love the balance of salty-sweet flavors and of course, who doesn't love beef right? This makes for a nice starter or if you ask me, I'd love to have this with a cup of garlic rice.

harrys bar singapore 3
Next was Harry's Signature Wings which the restaurant is mighty proud of. Well, wings and beer goes well together and if you got to have wings, you got to have the best right? Harry's version has a nice crispy bite with a mild spicy kick. I love how they've kept the heat level at a minimum where it perfectly perks up your taste buds but it won't leave it numb where you can't taste anything afterwards.

harrys bar singapore 4
One thing that I love love love in Harry's is their variety of flatbreads. It's their take on the popular thin-crust pizza which they've topped with a wide assortment of ingredients. We tried the Sriracha Seafood Flatbread (S$24.90) which is a seafood loaded flatbread with a slight spicy kick from the Sriracha. It was just a-okay for me but then again, this is because I have my numero uno favorite when it comes to their flatbreads.

harrys bar singapore 6
That said, I was so happy when we were served with the Mushroom with Truffle Oil Flatbread. I'm telling you, this is the BOMB! No visit to Harry's will ever be complete without having this. In fact, I'll be bold in saying that you can skip all the other flatbreads for this one. I love the strong truffle oil aroma and how it has a nice creamy based topped with a generous amount of sliced mushrooms. This was the best!

harrys bar singapore 5
Moving on, we had the Slow-Braised Beef Cheeks (S$26.90) which was another winning beef dish! We all kept on raving about the Beef Cubes and were all so happy to see this tender-looking Beef Cheeks. Literally, melt-in-your-mouth slow-cooked beef cheeks served with creamy mashed potato, beans and crisp onion rings. If you just want to have a good meal at Harry's then I highly recommend this.

harrys bar singapore 1
Of course, no meal will ever be complete without dessert. So, we had the Adult Cheesecake Sundae (S$16) which the two guys (Paul and Mr. Food Chapter) initially enjoyed as fellow blogger Phoebe and I couldn't take alcohol as this one comes with Baileys. Seeing that Phoebe and I are missing out on all the fun, the staff at Harry's brought out another version with a shot of Baileys placed safely at the side. I love the creamy, rich cheesecake which reminds me of something we used to enjoy when we were kids. Even without the alcohol, I'd say that the dessert was pretty good.

It was such a fun and delicious dinner at Harry's! In fact, Harry's has been one of our go-to place nowadays whenever we're both craving for some Mushroom with Truffle Oil Flatbread or Deep-Fried Wings. Oh gosh! I have yet to make Paul try Harry's Sticky Date Toffee Pudding which was amazing.

*photos by Paul Ang

Check out Harry's at 28 Boat Quay, Singapore 049818. Here's the complete list of outlets all over Singapore (there's 21 outlets in total!). 

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