First 25 Cafe at Hoe Chiang Road, Singapore

Let me ask you all a question: "What were you doing when you were 25?" 

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For me, I was working for the Green Siren, organizing events and thinking of creative local store activities for each occasion and promotion. I was 25 when was born. That was probably the best thing that ever happened to me that year. Anyway, here in Singapore, two 25 year old guys have traveled around the world and have just opened their first ever restaurant. Thus, First 25 Cafe was born. Now, what do you say about that?! :) 

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Hello M!
I really love visiting hole-in-the-wall kind of cafes or restaurants. It's like discovering a hidden secret that not a lot of people are aware of and the best thing is when the food is really good making it such a winning find. A few months back, my intern M and I went out for lunch and luckily, I get to hire interns who love food just as much as I do (haha!). She was game to try a new restaurant and it was just perfect timing that we stumble upon a photo of a really yummy-looking bowl of curly fries on Instagram the night before our lunch date. After checking where it was, we quickly agreed to check out First 25 Cafe which was just two blocks away from our office. Perfect! 

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So even before choosing our entrees, we ordered a bowl of Garlic Twister Fries (S$9.90) to share. The portion was very generous as it just kept on eating the fries like it never ends. I love how the garlic was mild enough not to give us garlicky bad breath that might scare our colleagues off later on. The fries has a nice crunch which shows that it was fried just before it was served. Not a single soggy piece of fries was found. I love the creamy dip that came with it. We were not sure what it was though as it seems to be a combination of mayonnaise, mustard and something else. 

first25 cafe sg 4
For our mains, we got the Pan Roasted Salmon Fillet with additional Buttered Rice (S$15.90). I got to admit that this is a pretty pricey lunch choice but the good thing is, First 25 Cafe is part of the Entertainer App which means... we get to only pay for one and the other one is FREE! Woohoo! 

The Salmon was served on a piping hot pan and I was quite impressed by the size of the fillet. The butter rice was really good and while it normally just comes with veggies, I highly recommend for you all to get the rice in order to make it a more filling meal. The salmon was very tender and juicy and the skin has a nice crisp bite too. Both M and I were so happy with our meals! It's definitely one that I would love to order again on my next visit.

Have you tried First 25 Cafe? Tell me what's your favourite dish there!

Check out First 25 Cafe at 7 Hoe Chiang Road, Singapore 089313. 

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