Black Forest Mille Crepe by Paper Moon Philippines

I got to admit that among all the cake flavors, Black Forest is one of my least favorites. Why? In the past, the versions that I've tried just have this off-balanced flavor of the dark chocolate cake together with the bitter cherry filling plus that diabetic-inducing heavy cream frosting. For my younger self, it was just too... weird.

papermoon 2
Since then, I've stayed far far away from ordering Black Forest in whatever occasion it may be. This may be one of the most classic cake flavors in the display case but I'd often go with the fruity kinds or the good ol' Mocha Chiffon Cake if I want to play safe. So, when I recently received a beautiful box of Black Forest Mille Crepe (Php. 2,000) from Paper Moon for Valentines Day, I proceeded with a bit more caution.

First things first, I tasted with an open mind. After all, my last recollection of having Black Forest was 20-something years ago. Things do can change and they can definitely change for the better. I took one small bite followed by another and this time I went for a bigger scoop. Unlike other Black Forest cakes, this one was delicious *ding ding ding!!*.

papermoon 3
The thin delicate layers of crepe enveloped by chocolate mousse, which I think made all the difference, and sealing the deal with a good touch of Italian dark cherry compote gave it just the right touch. Topped with light fresh cream and dark chocolate shavings, this is the kind of cake that won't make you feel too satiated after just a few bites. Normal Black Forest cakes got cream all over. From the filling to the frosting. More often than not, the cream tends to be too sweet which is why, I now remember, I wasn't a big fan of Black Forest Cakes as I can't take a lot heavy cream to begin with.

papermoon 1
Wow! Paper Moon truly has changed my perception of the Black Forest Cake with this amazing creation. I love how they have swapped out the cream filling to chocolate mousse making the choco-loving spirit in me so happy. This also helped keep the sweetness level at bay.

Thank you Paper Moon for this perception-changing Valentines Day present. ♥

*photos by my ever talented hubba-bubba Paul

Paper Moon has more than 10 outlets nationwide. Check this list out to know where's the nearest one for you. 

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