#FrannyCooks : Crunchy Fried Kesong Puti

Wow 2019 is zooming by so so so fast, don't you agree? Look at this, we're half way in February and before we know it, we're halfway through the year and 2020 will start making its way through. Don't you wish that time would slow down a lil bit allowing us to breath, relax and have a bit more fun? As I was going through my blog archive, I realized that I haven't shared any recipes with you guys for the past 2 months. A lot of things have happened in 60 days that sometimes I feel like I just can't keep up!

Anyway, let me have a good start to this exciting week by sharing one of my favorite easy-peasy recipes with you. This one can be done in less than 30 minutes and one that I love to do when I'm literally in a rush. That said, I apologize in advance for the awful photo qualities that you'll see below. No glamorized shots, no proper lighting, no stylized plating. I was seriously rushing to make dinner as I got stuck in traffic and came home with less than an hour to dinner time when Mom and I found out that our helper hasn't prepared anything. Talaga nga naman. *sigh*

pinkies kesong puti 4
Anyway, luckily I have a pack of fresh Pinkie's Farm kesong puti (white cheese) which I love buying from Titallennials as well as a pack of panko breadcrumbs (my pantry staple!) and a carton of eggs. That instantly gave me an idea on what to prepare for dinner that evening. Before I begin, let me tell you about this delicious Pinkies Farm Kesong Puti, I've long been subscribed in this super active Viber group hosted by the ladies behind Titallennials. Day in and out my phone would get non-stop notification of people sending in their orders, the owners updating us about the latest products and so on. One day, I was so intrigued as a lot of mommies started ordering products from Pinkies Farm which is being distributed at Titallennials. I checked the price list out and while I can't take in heavy full cream milk, my eyes zoomed in to the bottom of the list -- Kesong Puti. I love cheese and I love kesong puti as it's like our local version of the Italian's Buffalo Mozzarella...or I'd like to think it is.

pinkies kesong puti 1
I placed an order and as soon as I got my first pack, I gave it a try. It was simple, I sliced it into bite-sized portions, added it inside a piece of warm pan de sal, add a scoop of pesto sauce and ...oooh lala! I was in heaven.  I promise you this is not even an exaggeration as it was just so good. The saltiness of the cheese, the creamy texture, the coarseness of the pesto and that warm pan de sal. It was indeed an amazing combination. So good that I ended up consuming most of the kesong puti. I knew I had to order more and so I did the following week and weeks after that.

So here's one of my easy recipes which you can try using the Pinkie's Farm Kesong Puti:

What you'll need:
- 1 block of Pinkie's Farm Kesong Puti (order from Titallennials!)
- 1 cup of panko breadcrumbs (any brand is okay but I like getting the Japanese kind, been a habit of mind since I was much younger)
- 1 egg
- oil for deep-frying

Have this in 6 easy steps:

pinkies kesong puti 2
Anyone else familiar with this old school Mcdonald's plate from the 80s?
1) Slice the cheese into squares / bite-sized portions. Don't slice it too small as it can melt while cooking.
2) Dip the cheese into the egg bath (beat it well) followed by the breadcrumbs (cover it well)
pinkies kesong puti 3
More on the plate : Isn't it cool that this plate is more than 30 yrs old? 
3) Assemble the cheese back into a plate and place it inside the fridge for 10 minutes
4) Heat up your oil and make sure it's really hot before deep-frying. Keep the fire at medium
5) Deep-fry the cheese until golden brown. Watch out as it can melt really quick!
6) Serve it with honey and enjoy!

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