Choco Liquor Cakes by Maricar -- Igniting the Choco Lover in You

Sometime last year, the trend of having delicious and truly indulgent chocolate cakes baked in tin cans became a fast rising trend in the country. Suddenly, almost all bakers, restaurants, and dessert shops came out with their own version. One trying to outdo the other and most recently, some even try to experiment with other flavors apart from the usual chocolate cake which I find to be very ingenious. I've featured a number of my favorites here and I still stand by my honest opinion on them.

choco liquor 2
However, if you really want to try the one that I believed started it all..or in millennial speak, the OG, then ladies and gentlemen, I present to you -- Choco Liquor by Maricar Reyes-Poon. I remember sometime back in 2015, I have read blog reviews from fellow foodie bloggers about the actress' mouthwatering dessert creation. "This heavenly decadent chocolate cake won the hearts of our foodies, with its very rich and moist chocolatey goodness. We like that the quantity of wine had just the right amount bittersweet aftertaste, without it overpowering the cake.", one blog entry read. I wasn't in the country then so I didn't had the chance to try it myself.

Well, what do you know, fast forward to 2019, after giving my SIL one of my favorite Choco Dream Cakes, my MIL told me that she has tried the Choco Liquor cake by Maricar and for her, it's truly one of the best in the market. My MIL is not the type who likes sweets as she would go for fruits over cakes or pastries any given day. So, for her to rave about a particular dessert, then that's enough motivation to get me interested and curious to check it out myself.

Right after my SIL's birthday, I gave the Choco Liquor cake a try. It was truly a pleasure chatting with Maricar herself too who's super nice and accommodating with all my questions, I told her honestly how curious I am to try her cake after hearing my MIL's raving about it. It was also perfect timing that I got my precious tin can right before Mommy's birthday so all the more reason to give it a try.

choco liquor 3
After nailing that perfect shot, I excitedly grabbed a spoon and dug in. One thing I noticed is how moist yet firm the cake was. I really do not like crumbly cakes so this one truly got a perfect score in terms of texture and firmness. After my first bite, I immediately detected the sharp red wine flavor. You can definitely taste it and it's clearly there but it's not strong enough to get your tipsy. There's about 2% (I think) of wine infused into the cake so nursing mommas can be assured that it's still safe for consumption and it won't be passed on to your little one.

Unlike the famous Choco Dream Cakes which come in multiple layers of chocolate variations in one can, this one kept it simple yet classy. Moist dark chocolate cake topped with a beautiful chocolate swirl on top.

choco liquor 1
Perhaps, this may not be the type of chocolate cake that kids will like as it has slight bitter notes coming from the dark chocolate paired with the red wine but adults who are looking for the right dessert to enjoy with friends or with their special someone will love this.

Give it a try and tell me what you think. ♥

Follow Choco Liquor Cakes by Maricar on Facebook and Instagram to know where their next pop-up booth will be. For faster communication, call them at (0917) 8648282. They're open from Tuesday - Saturday only.

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