House of Bao : Home of the Best Fried Siopao (Tsian Bao) in Manila

It's no big secret how much I love dim sum. I can definitely have it at any given time of the day. Case in point, I actually found myself craving for dim sum when I was pregnant with my twins. I remember how happy I would be whenever Papa would come home with a box of Bola-Bola (pork meatball) siopao and as one box would have three pieces, I could easily wolf down two mini siopaos in one sitting. Guess that's alright as I literally have two buns in my oven then. He he he!

Anyway, I wasn't even very picky with the brand of siopao then. For as long as the buns are soft and chewy, the filling was not too fatty and it still came warm and ready to eat, then I'm all for it. One time, my gokopo (5th grand aunt) heard that I was craving for fried siopao, she then sent over a dozen of freshly steamed tsian bao (fried siopao) for me to enjoy that same day. Oh, I was one spoiled pregnant lady then!

Even my good friend Didi heard about this intense craving and was so sweet to also send me some fried siopao. My family tends to spoil me, I am very much aware of that..but to have a friend fulfill my whim wasn't really something that happens everyday. This is why I am so thankful for Didi and her friendship. ♥ That said, I will never forget what she did for me and how delicious those fried siopaos were. I did a bit of research and found out that she got them from House of Bao.

house of bao 1
I later found out that this is so near my place and so I decided to place an order one fine (Tues)day as I was on my way to the hospital to visit my sister who just gave birth to my cutie nephew S. My best friend E was also confined in the same hospital so I decided to also surprise her and her family with some fried siopaos too. Ordering was a breeze, I simply just sent a message to their Instagram account and I got a confirmation that I can pick up my orders that same day. You just have to note that they only produce siopaos every Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. You might be able to score some on other days but I don't think they'd be freshly made and ready to eat.

One piece of tsian bao (fried siopao) is P35 making it slightly more expensive than the ones sold in Binondo (Php. 25) but take my word for it -- the taste and quality of House of Bao's tsian bao totally justifies the price. Take your first bite and allow yourself to enjoy the wonderful aroma of the filling. The meat is very compact and you don't have to worry about biting into pork fat.

house of bao 2
They suggested that you add a spoonful of Daddy Mikk's Garlic Crunch (more about this soon) before taking a bite and they're right! The delicious toasted garlic totally perked up the taste even more. It was indeed so delicious that even my sister and brother in law E enjoyed it too. Yay! I love spreading the joy through food!

This also makes a great gift, by the way as they provide this pretty cardboard box filled with freshly steamed fried siopao together with instructions on how to reheat it but seriously, I didn't even bother reading that as my box of 6 tsian baos went really really fast!

Check out House of Bao on Instagram or by calling them at +63 917-8780035. They're located at #8 Sacred Heart St. Horseshoe Village, QC. If lost, simply search for them on Waze!

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