Franny Mommy : My Grand Baby Fair 2019 Experience

Two weeks ago, I literally spent the entire weekend shopping at Baby Company's Grand Baby Fair. If there's one baby fair that all moms should be present in, then this would definitely be it. It happens twice a year but the biggest one happens every January. Most of you may know by now that I'm definitely not the shopping fanatic kind, so in order for me to brave the crowd just to score a number of great deals, that equates to a lot of energy and thus I ended up feeling super exhausted but very satisfied as most twin mom will definitely agree with me that with more kids.. every peso counts.

grand baby fair baby company 3
Spot me and my little J!
This year's fair was definitely much better in terms of logistics and variety as compared to the last. I was so happy with this thus making all the effort to go all the way to SM Megamall so worth it. We went both on the first and second day. The first day was spent shopping for all of our babies' necessities and the second day.. well I went there for work (more about this next time) and I was so proud of myself that I resisted the temptation of buying more things.

grand baby fair baby company 18
Super Daddy Paul trying Vpharma's newest product -- Bifina R
As with all other baby fairs, Paul went with me as he actually looks forward to events like this. He's really very hands-on with our kids that he actually takes charge in searching for the best deals for their diapers, wet wipes and more. Ask him which brand is the cheapest in whatever size and believe me, he'll have an answer ready. I'm thankful that he's such an awesome dad which is also why our twins just love their Daddy so much.

Let me give you a quick tour on some of the brands that I checked out and visited during the fair. It was indeed one big reunion too as I got to chitchat with a lot of mommy friends along the way. We strategized our visit making sure we get their as soon as the mall opened but somehow, we ended up shopping for close to 2 hours as I had a lot of stopovers from start to end.

grand baby fair baby company 6
First stop: i-angel booth

grand baby fair baby company 23
Baby Dove
grand baby fair baby company 10
Had the best Aloha greeting from the Tiny Buds team

grand baby fair baby company 9
Loving the new packaging and hoarded on their Toothgel

grand baby fair baby company 14
Dropped by the Fold Away / Baby Zen booth
grand baby fair baby company 15
Our favorite brand for our twins' eating utensils, Combi, was on sale!

grand baby fair baby company 19
We never leave any Baby Fair without stocking up on boxes of Nosh Baby Rice Crackers

grand baby fair baby company 17
the ladies of VPharma

grand baby fair baby company 21
Even Mustela was on sale!

grand baby fair baby company 20
Our favorite baby bottle -- Como Tomo

grand baby fair baby company 25
One thing that I really would like to commend the team behind Grand Baby Fair on is how organized the check out counter was. This was a great improvement from the past year and I hope they can maintain this forever. This is very similar to the SMX Baby Fair where they have managed to make the waiting time short and the check out process swift and very efficient. Kudos Baby Company team!

What's in my shopping bag?

grand baby fair baby company 4
Now, it's time to check out what I got during the sale. Since my sister was about to go on labor that weekend, she was not allowed to get out of the house and go to crowded spaces anymore so I took on the responsibility of buying some of her requests for my then, soon-to-be-born nephew. I got him a pack of Huggies Diapers which is always on sale during the Grand Baby Fair. This is perfect for those who are expecting a baby as the Newborn size has always the best deals. She's also been requesting for the Orange and Peach Wooden Brush and Comb after trying the one that I have for my twins. I got that for her as a gift which made her so happy! She also requested for a pair of Avent Teats which was also on sale. Lastly, I spoil my niece like crazy and I'm ready to do the same to her brother so I got him also more wash clothes, side-tie-shirts and towels from Beginning Baby. My twins had the same kind of white outfits when they were newborn and I just love how gentle the material was on their delicate skin.

For my twins, I hoarded  stocked up on the Tiny Buds Toothgel. I've heard a lot of horror stories about kids who do not like brushing their teeth and luckily my twins are the exact opposite. I guess it's because I started them with the Tiny Buds Chewbrush which felt like a teether and the Teething Gel must taste good as they would even cry if Yaya M would try to take it away from them. I also tried the Loony Tunes Bottle Brush. It's our first time to try this as the brand that we normally would buy ran out of stock so I'll let you know how this fares vs our old bottle brush next time.

Gingersnaps was also on sale and I just couldn't resist not buying! My twins look really good wearing Gingersnaps and knowing that Lia's floral shorts is now down to P100+ from P500 something before if I'm not mistaken then I just had to grab this great deal.

We also got them a box (yes a box!) of Enfant Wipes. Believe me, I've never shopped in bulk before having my twins and the quantity of wipes and diapers that we use is just c-r-a-z-y. This was the first item on Paul's list and true enough, he made a beeline to the Enfant booth as soon as we entered the Megatrade Hall. Lastly, I got myself a pack of Goody clips to replenish my diminishing collection.

More perks with your Mom Card

grand baby fair baby company 5
This is truly the best time of the year for parents and most especially if you have a Mom Card from Baby Company. Check out the loot bag that I got! For a minimum purchase of P6000, all Mom Card holder gets to bring home this huge (and heavy) loot bag that's filled with more items! It's an assortment of products from diapers, wipes, sample sachets of baby skin care, cotton buds (yay!), a cute Avent bath towel and more. I like the diapers, wipes and cotton buds the most! Oh, as well as the portable USB-powered fan and bluetooth speaker too.

It sure was a busy weekend but one that I was so glad to have. Till the next baby sale! :)

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