Coffee has just found its Perfect Pair

It has been said that coffee cannot be enjoyed alone.

While this could mean two things. First, coffee is best drank over a meaningful conversation with a friend. I guess this can be seen with the rapid growth of coffee shops all around the globe as well as the popularity of the word coffee chat.

Secondly, the perfect coffee experience involves enjoying your cup of java together with something else. This something else could be a pastry that complements the flavor of your coffee or for the adventurous souls, it could also be a unique coffee concoction that perfectly suits your taste.

Tonight, Paul and I, together with a handful of bloggers were given the chance to taste a unique blend of coffee and liquor in a cake. The new Coffee Walnut Bavarian (Php. 725) is the first ever creation in Red Ribbon's line of Premium Selections.

I loved how my fork smoothly sink into the moist chiffon that alternately layers with the coffee mixed with Kahlua cream. It was so dramatic and suave that I can't help but wish that I can have another slice. That's not all, this cake is adorned with walnuts, cocoa powder and dark chocolate bars to complete your sweet Christmas indulgence.

What makes the Coffee Walnut Bavarian unique is that it's only sold as a whole unlike the other cake offerings of Red Ribbon where you can opt to get it per slice. Make sure to buy your cake soon as this is only available until the end of December 2008.

*all photos by Paul Ang

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