Stumbling into The Kebab Factory

If there's one thing I miss the most about working for the Green Siren is the group of friends that I have found throughout my two years stay. I'm so thankful that even though we do not get to see each other anymore on a daily basis, this does not in any way, affects our closeness. Keeping up with traditions, we met one one Friday evening at SM Megamall's The Atrium and briefly went around in search for an interesting dining place.

We didn't have to go around that long because right at the 2nd floor, we found a brightly lit and cozy looking restaurant called The Kebab Factory. Luckily, we were all game to have an Indian feast and so we all agreed to give it a try.

Unlike other Indian/Mediterranean restaurants, this one barely has any vintage decoration which gives it a more modern feel. I was tasked to take care of ordering the food and these are the dishes that I got for us to share: Papadum Masala (Php. 65), Chicken Tikka (Php. 250), Lamb Kebab (Php. 300) and bowls of Saffron Rice (Php. 120).

The Papadum Masala was an instant favorite. Toasted crispy and topped with diced tomatoes and onions, it's a very light appetizer. This is probably India's version of the Texan Nacho Chips.

Good thing the service was fast and very efficient, just as we were about to wipe out our platter of Papadum Masala, our server arrived with the rest of our orders.
My friend Z enjoyed the Chicken Tikka as she sliced through the tender orange chickn meat and ate this together with the Saffron Rice.

I, on the other hand, loved the Lamb Kebab. I love how flavorful it is without any trace of odor usually found when lamb was not prepared properly.

We enjoyed each dish as we catch up on each other's lives. Budget-wise, we notice that their price is relatively steep for a casual dining atmosphere. Furthermore, the choices is pretty minimal which we hope will improve as the months go by. Too bad we were all so full after our meal that there's barely space left for dessert. Perhaps on my next visit, I'll make sure to leave space for their Baklava or Kulfi.

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The Kebab Factory is located at the 2nd floor of The Atrium of SM Megamall. You may call them at 631-9648.

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