Beefin' it up at Charlie's

Here's a lil frannywanny trivia :

Not so long ago, I took a break from beef simply because I was scared of the Mad Cow Disease. Since then, I have grown fond of seafood, lamb and chicken..anything but beef. I have stayed away from burger for as long as I can remember and was able to live without steak since then. At some point, I started to believe that my beef-less diet can go on forever... that was until I was introduced to Charlie.

My first Charlie's encounter was with a dear colleague and her boyfriend. Over lunch one crazy work day, we took a short drive from the office to where Charlie was. I was surprised to see a small air-conditioned area beside a medium sized neighborhood car wash station. The place was brightly lit with orange lamps and a tall vertical black board was the first thing I saw upon stepping inside.

Although, the menu was pretty short, I had a hard time choosing my order because everything written on the black board sounds delicious! Since it was my first time, I just followed what my friends ordered since they have regularly been visiting Charlie for some time now. I got the Black Angus Burger with Fries (Php. 175) and shared an order of Buffalo Wings with them.

Finally, our orders came. I took a look at my burger and eyed the juicy looking patty for the first time. Taking a small careful bite, my eyes lit up as I enjoyed it's no-frills, just pure Angus Beef flavor. I also love the big fries that came with it as I happily dip it in my blue cheese sauce.

Wait, there's more! Ü

While enjoying our burgers, the waiter approached our table once again, this time to serve us half a dozen of piping hot Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Sauce (Php. 150). Admittedly, I'm not really a big fan of spicy dishes but believe me, this spicy dish left me craving for more just a couple of hours after. I love the fact that the orange spicy sauce didn't leave the wings soggy. The blue cheese was also a winning accompaniment for practically anything and luckily, the servers are all very generous to refill your bowl if you need more.

That, my dear friends and readers, was my first encounter with Charlie. Ü

Charlie's is located along East Kapitolyo road in Pasig City (it's along the same road as Cafe Juanita).

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