Have a Yummy Christmas this 2008!

I'm so proud of this.. Presenting my first big project for Yummy!

the Yummy Recipe Cards!

A couple of cool things about it:
-- the pages are detachable (say goodbye to the idea of lugging around your magazine while you shop for your ingredients)

-- it's handy (it fits perfectly in your pocket or your bag)

-- it is a compilation of past Chicken recipes featured in the magazine (miss a copy? don't worry!)

-- it's a perfect Christmas gift (thinking of what to give your mom/sister/food loving friend?)

-- it's a great deal! (for only Php.150, need I say more?)

Available in all leading newsstands, bookstores and supermarkets. Grab a copy now!


  1. hey there! saw you on tv last night. hehe. btw - can you change your link to my blog to be http://www.kubiertos.com/ Thanks!

  2. @applesH surely!! :) will change your link ;)


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