my one minute of FAME

It started this morning when I logged on to this site to check my messages. Then I saw one that was posted by a fellow blogger asking who's free to be part of a shoot to be made by Delifrance for their Secret Santa campaign.

Since I just live nearby, I texted my fellow blogger and asked if he still needs someone to join the shoot. Luckily, they do and so after an hour I found myself inside the Delifrance store in Theater Mall together with my fellow bloggers Jonel and Az. It was then that I found out that the shoot was for a news feature to be shown in ABS-CBN's primetime news show, TV Patrol.

The story evolves around how the Secret Santa website works and how a recipient can claim and enjoy their very own Almond Star Cookies or my favorite Almond Biscotti. I had so much fun with Az and my leading man Jonel!

After the shoot, I was soooo excited for my tv appearance that I texted my family and Paul's to catch TV Patrol this weekend. Ü

Tonight, my mom and I were able to catch my one minute of fame! Here's a video taken by Az:

*big THANKS to Geiser Maclang and to Delifrance


  1. hi Fran, sandali lng pla pro ang haba ng shoot natin. =) ok lng fun naman. =) Get ready for the sequel hah. =) hahaha

  2. I KNOW! hahaha pero in fairness tumagal naman tayo ng 10 seconds haha :P

  3. how CUTE fran!!! :*


    Between Bites

  4. not even a minute! haha. but may poise pa rin naman when you took a bite sa biscotti Ü

  5. @estee: I KNOW!! but in fairness, that was the most poise way na to eat biscotti hahahaha


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