On being Deliciously Clean

While strolling around SM Megamall's newest section, I chanced upon a store that caught my attention and perked up my curiosity. At first glance, it looked like a bakery with a glass-enclosed area with an oven, a counter with yummy looking donuts and pastries and wooden shelves with bread-like products.

Taking a closer look, I noticed that the donuts look too glossy, the bread-like products too colorful and why on earth is there a pretty sink at the corner of the store? Then I realized that these attractive looking pastries are not for our sweet tooth's consumption but are meant to be enjoyed in a bubbly bath.

While the Soap Factory staff can customize soaps to suit your taste, they also have four types of soap categories to fulfill your bubbly needs:

- Yummy Soaps look so much like its baked counterparts that I personally had a hard time choosing if I want to bring home a cupcake, doughnut, a slice of cake or a piece of fruit. Eventually, I chose a Piña Colada after loving its sweet, subtle scent and was told that it has skin firming and slimming properties. I also got a Strawberry Soap Icycle that looks soooo cute! Paul even thought it was a real popsicle not until I warned him against taking a bite from it.

- S.O.S. Bar Soaps is the therapeutic soap line of the Soap Factory. They are made especially for those with sensitive skin as it contains potent oils and active ingredients to combat the various skin problems.

- World's Best Bar Soaps are made from top-grade ingredients from all over the world. This line has soaps for men that smells really good! I think I'll get Paul a bar of Big Apple Soap which has a fruit and musky scent similar to his favorite Polo Blue perfume.

- TLC line of soaps are formulated using the finest natural ingredients that gives various skincare benefits. This is perfect for those who want to just keep it simple and natural. Rejoice for organic lovers out there!

However, the highlight of my visit was watching the Soap Factory staff assemble a custom-made cupcake-soap for a customer.


The Soap Factory etc is located at the 4th Level, Mega Atrium, SM Megamall.

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