Three Cheese Penne

I love long weekends! Aside from the fact that I get that much needed rest that work normally deprives me from, I also have more free time to tinker around the kitchen. As OC I may get with planning my day-to-day activities, my kitchen personality is somewhat different from that. In the kitchen, I normally have a come-what-may attitude where I don't normally plan what to cook but I just follow my heart and creative mind and make use of whatever ingredients I find inside the fridge. That is, unless I really have to prepare for a special occasion that I have to seriously plan for.

I am a self-declared leftover princess. I love to create new recipes out of a bunch of (well...) left-overs. Which is basically the story behind this newest dish I have named Three Cheese Penne created after realizing that I still have three types of cheeses (cottage, mozzarella and quickmelt) and a roll of meatloaf left from last night's dinner.

What you'll need:
3 types of cheeses (the three cheeses that I used blended perfectly)
a roll of meatloaf or embotido / sausages , chopped
garlic, chopped
penne pasta
ragu pasta sauce or tomato sauce
basil, chopped
freshly ground pepper
cooking oil

What to do:
1) Saute the garlic in oil until it turns light brown
2) add in the meat (embotido/sausages) and olives
3) pour in the pasta sauce, let it simmer for 3 minutes
4) add the cottage cheese, basil and ground pepper
5) turn off heat and mix in the penne pasta and quickmelt cheese
6) transfer the cooked pasta into an oven-safe container and top with mozzarella cheese
7) bake for 10 minutes (or until cheese starts to bubbles)


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