I can't believe we're nearing the end of another year! I can still remember the time when I was composing my Year-Ender entry for 2007.

Unlike last year when I focused mainly on the travel destinations that I've been to; this time, I'd like to think deeper and talk about the 8 greatest lessons that 2008 has taught me.

#1. Make new friends...

If there's one thing I love about being a blogger is the group of friends that I have gained. Attending blog events and product launches has been so much fun thanks to these talented individuals. I would also like to thank my dear friend Sophie for her wonderful tips and encouragement for me to keep on blogging.

#2. ....and do not forget to keep the old ones

Just like wine, friendship gets better through time. I'm lucky that no matter how crazy life can be, I know I can count on these girls at any time. They have seen me through my ups and downs, they were with me as we grew up together and SOON, they will be part of the biggest milestone of my life.

#3. Love nature.

I've always lived a very sheltered life though I love to travel. Ironic isn't it? I'm glad that my love for travelling has allowed me to face a couple of my biggest fears and I will never forget the beautiful sight that I came face to face with after an hour's worth of hiking.

#4. Once in a while, go ahead... INDULGE
Every year, the phrase "lose weight" has been a permanent fixture in my New Year Resolution. However, I know that I have to treat myself to just one bite...come on...just one. Ü

#5. Celebrate Life's little victories
Challenges met this year has taught me to stay positive, live a happy life and to make each day worth while. What happened to Papa has taught us that every minute that we're together should not be put to waste.

#6. No matter what others say, at times just close your eyes, listen to your heart and take that big leap

It was painful to say goodbye to my comfort zone but I know that only when I learn to move on will be the time that I'll grow. Though I will always miss working for the Green Siren, nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing that I am fulfilling my dream every single day.

#7. Family comes First

I'm glad I got two of the best families in the world! 'nuff said.

#8. Always believe in HIM
I always believe that He's there watching over us. He watches of my dad while he continues to give me, my sister and my mom the strength that we need each day. Thanks Kuya Jess.

These are the 8 Greatest lessons that 2008 has taught me. I would like to wish you and you family a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Here's to a prosperous 2009 ahead! Yipee!!!

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