Guangzhou, China 101: Must-EAT.

Despite the fact that our feet and legs were mercilessly battered by walking around Guangzhou to visit their tourist attractions and to see what the China Import and Export Fair has to offer, we made it a point to keep our tummies happy.

Guangzhou was said to specialize in Cantonese cuisine. However, to match our hectic schedule, we settled for these local fast food chains and dishes that didn't fail in delighting our taste buds:

1) Kungfu

If Manila has Jolibee, then Guangzhou has Kungfu. This was the first unique restaurant that I saw when we arrived at the train station. Also, during the short taxi drive to our hotel, I saw at least four more outlets normally occupying a corner lot or a huge area in the mall.

How can I miss it? With a bright red and black logo plus an image of Bruce Lee, Kung Fu has really stirred our curiosity that it was unanimously chosen as our dinner stop for our first night.

The menu board was in Chinese and so we resulted to just pointing our orders out to our friendly server. Paul and I got a Beef rice bowl to share. What we did not realized was that each rice bowl comes in a set and so we feasted on Chinese herbal soup, steaming soya milk and my favorite -- Egg Fu-Yung.

The Beef Rice Bowl was a bit spicy due to the curry powder added in it. It has a generous serving of rice topped with thinly sliced beef, onions and diced tomatoes. Although, Paul enjoyed this as he loves anything with curry, I find it too spicy for my taste leaving me with two empty water bottles at the end of the meal.

What saved me though was the yummy Egg Fu-Yung. I'm an egg lover and I love how soft and silky this dish was. I enjoyed slurping it as it gently glided down my spoon. Yum!

2) McDonald's Egg Puff

I'll let you in on my secret travel tradition. Every time I go out of the country, I make it a point to visit an outlet of McDonald's and Starbucks to see the different menu items that they have which are not available here in the Philippines. I find joy in being able to try something that is uniquely theirs.

On our last day in Guangzhou, we decided to have breakfast at McDonald's, once again, at the Beijing Pedestrian Road. While watching the locals rush to school and work, I slowly bit into my crunchy McDonald's Egg Puff which has the same size as our local Apple Pie. Inside the puff pastry is a ham and egg omelet which is oh-so-good. Once again, another yummy egg discovery!

3) Guangzhou's dumplings

Sadly, we were not able to indulge in an authentic Guangzhou Cantonese meal during our short stay. However, one local dish that really made an impact was their dumplings (jiao zi). We're used to eating lots of this here in Manila but it must be the very Oriental ambiance or the way they mix their dumplings that it was very tasty and delicious!

There are still a lot of restaurants and dishes to discover in Guangzhou. I'm truly looking forward to my return as I have a growing list of places to see, eat and enjoy.

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  1. Oh Kung fu Restau! I ate at one of the branches in ZhuHai City (2 hours away from GZ) they have delicious food. :)

  2. Oh! Goat's Milk is a delicious dish too. My friends from GZ told me that's the only city you can get that dish. It's like leche flan, but sweeter! :)

  3. The Beef Bowl from Kung Fu reminds me of Yoshinoya's Beef Bowl in HK I had last week. Sa sobrang sarap, I always forgot to take pics out of the 5 times I ate there. =)

  4. @christa: thanks for the heads up! i'll remember the goat's milk on my return to GZ :)

    @badet: sayang we were not able to try yoshinoya in hong kong, we made a conscious effort to try everything uniquely hongkong eh :)

  5. Kung fu is all over China, not just in Guangzhou. :) I've seen it in Shenzhen, Beijing, Zhuhai, and Shanghai. It's really the Jollibee of China! Good eats, and el cheap-o too! :)

  6. me too.. i like going to Mcdo, KFC, etc. in other countries to check and try their menu :P

    nice blog layout!! :)

  7. thanks u8mypinkc00kies!! kakatuwa noh it has been a long time tradition of mine :)


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