Guangzhou, China 101: Where to stay?

I am a very cautious traveller. While majority would prefer an adventure-filled trip where anything goes; I would prefer having a set itinerary, a guaranteed accomodation and clear transfer arrangements. This, I figured, would save me from all the headaches and hopefully maximize my budget too.

Since it will be our first time in Guangzhou, we didn't want to take any risk in ending up homeless in a place where English is not their primary language. Finally, after a week's worth of internet surfing and getting recommendations from travel agencies, we finally got a lovely room at the Grand Continental Service Apartments.

The hotel is located at the tip of the famous Beijing Road which is a pedestrian street lined with bargain shops and stalls. Normal room rates range from CNY 248 (approx. Php. 1860 / $38) for the Standard Single Room to CNY 1380 (approx. Php. 10,350 / @212) for the Deluxe Three Bed Rooms apartment.

The room is fairly big and the bed is very comfortable. I love the lcd screen TV complete with a DVD player and an IPOD dock too. Peering outside my window, I can see the beautiful Pearl River where boats decorated with colorful lights would go around and around at night.

A look at the neighborhood

The locals love to walk! During our stay at Guangzhou, we have visited most of its tourist attractions by walking. For instance, the Guangzhou Pearl River is within walking distance from the hotel and so is the Metro Station which is 5 blocks away but is pretty walkable too.

Hungry? Just walk two blocks down and you'll see a wide array of restaurants, food stalls and a lot more! There's even a movie theater in case you're in the mood to watch some Chinese flicks.

The Grand Continental Service Apartment is a good choice for those who wants to be in the shopping district minus the noise and chaos.

However, if you would prefer to go closer, there's the Lido Hotel that is right at the heart of the Beijing Pedestrian Road. This is convenience at its finest with Cafe de Coral and Mcdonald's within the building.

Up Next: What to eat and see at Guangzhou?

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  1. Guangzhou seems worth visiting din pala aside from Hongkong. Buti ka pa, you started your travel posts na, ako I'll start pa lang to write about my HK trip this weekend. =)

  2. @aline: you're welcome :)

    @badet: ohh you went to HK too? when? i was there last week :D

  3. hi. i accidentally stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for sharing. I've been travelling to Guangzhou for several years now and have consistently stayed in Guangzhou hotel (convenient but really run down). Grand Continental Service apartment is indeed a refreshing alternative. I have 3 queries, if you don't mind. 1. Where did you book your room? through a travel agent or directly at the hotel's website? 2. Is there a double lock or security lock for the door which can not be opened from the outside, once guest is already inside? This is of primary importance since I sometimes travel alone. 3. How much did you pay per night, and is it for a standard twin? Thanks

  4. hi simple girl!

    i'm glad that this entry has given you an additional option on where to stay in guangzhou. ok to answer your questions:
    1) Where did you book your room?
    - I booked it through, this was recommended to me by a friend and i was satisfied with the quick booking response considering that i booked for our hotel in gz and also in hkg.

    2) Is there a double lock or security lock for the door which can not be opened from the outside, once guest is already inside?
    If i'm not mistaken yes there was a double lock, i am paranoid also about my safety whenever I travel and so far i was pretty happy all throughout my 3 days stay there.

    3)How much did you pay per night, and is it for a standard twin?

    If i'm not mistaken we got a deluxe room during our stay not really sure though. however you may view their website as linked in my entry above to see the different available rooms and their corresponding rates.


  5. Thank you very much. Your reply will surely help me in planning for my future trips. Thanks for sharing.

  6. you're welcome simple girl :) i wish to go back to guangzhou :) oh i miss beijing lu!

  7. I happen to see your blog. Thanks for sharing your Guangzhou trip.

    I am thinking of booking Grand Continental Service Apartment too. Can I ask:
    1. Is it near any Metro station?
    2. I believed you booked the Deluxe room, do you think it can fit 3 person?
    3.How's the room and toilet condition?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  8. hi Anonymous

    let's see:
    1. Is it near any Metro station?
    - well i wouldn't call it near but it's an easy walk from the Gongyuanxian station (which is very near the Beijing Road -- a pedestrian shopping road)
    - the weather in GZ was also very nice when we went there so we had a lovely time walking back and forth

    2. I believed you booked the Deluxe room, do you think it can fit 3 person?
    - yes, the room is HUGE!! with 2 big beds and more space for an extra bed :)

    3.How's the room and toilet condition?
    - it's very clean :) i for one can get pretty meticulous when it comes to cleanliness and this hotel has passed my standards :)

    Enjoy Guangzhou!!

  9. Hi Fran,
    Thanks for your quick reply.

    You mentioned in your blog too about Lido Hotel. I am comtemplating between Grand Continental or Lido Hotel. Any suggestion? Are they nearby each other?

  10. Hi there!

    Lido Hotel is located nearer to the commercial outlets and a bit closer to the metro station, there's actually a Mcdonald's and KFC beside it :) Honestly I feel Lido is more accessible when it comes to eating and shopping also in getting a public transpo.

    However, I'm not sure with the rooms and cleanliness though. Lido has been around for quite a while so the amenities and rooms might not be so new anymore. :)


  11. Hi! Thanks for sharing your experience in Guangzhou. We just took advantage of Cebu Pacific's promo fares and your blog has led me to book a room in Grand Continental Service Apartments. Our trip is on February 2010 and I'm soooo looking forward already because of your blog!

    Keep it coming and more power to you!!

  12. Hi Fran! Thanks for this post! I hope you won't mind me asking a few more questions, I'm going for the Canton Fair and the direction says I'm could drop off at Pazhou station. Are the signs in the Metro Station bilingual or at least the characters are spelled out so I'd know the metro stops? It'll be my first trip and my friend says a lot of people are pretty rude to ask for for directions. Thanks and looking forward to hear from you.


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