the Community goes Online

Remember those days when having a penpal is cool? How you would wait for days before receiving her reply and it would also take you almost half a day to compose a letter before sending it back to her? Despite the long process of exchange, people didn't mind. That was before email and the Internet became present and very much accessible.

Through the years, more and more things can be done with the computer. Back then, it was just used as a form of documentation and creation of art works. Today, it has become a means of communication between two people living on opposite ends of the world. Even business deals are done online.

For me, I have a lot of reasons to thank the Internet for. First and foremost, this blog would not exist without it. Without an internet connection, I would not be able to maintain this blog where I can share my thoughts and discoveries with my wonderful readers out there. Secondly, it has allowed me to meet a lot of people with whom I have built great friendships with. Lastly, the internet has allowed me to feel that I belong in a community that is alive and very dynamic.

I have been a part of a number of social networking sites primarily to link myself up with old friends whom I have not seen for years. Through these sites we are updated with the lives of our dear friends even we don't get to see each other personally.

The Philippines was said to have the highest number of internet users in Asia, therefore it just makes sense to have a locally made social networking site for Filipinos, by Filipinos.

The secret is OUT.

A couple of months ago, I, together with a community of bloggers were invited to be the pilot testers a.k.a. happy guinea pigs for Smart Telecommunication's newest social networking site called Sandbox.

We were encouraged to try it out and to post our photos, blog entries and a lot more. I was so excited that I signed up for it the moment I got home. Sandbox is so easy to use and I love the big blue buttons that opens up to each section.

With something so exciting, here's the catch.. we are not allowed to tell anyone about it yet as they continue to improve. Finally, the long wait is over. Sandbox is officially open for everyone to enjoy and I would like to invite all of you to check it out.

There are a lot of things to do in Sandbox, all you need is to let your imaginations run wild! Go upload your photos, share your videos, add more friends, post your thoughts, join forum discussions and a lot more!

See you at Sandbox!

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