Army Navy

Tagaytay has always been and remains to be my family's not-so-secret weekend getaway. Take this month for instance, I have been to Tagaytay twice already and we're going back this weekend to celebrate my birthday! Yep, we love it that much!

My second visit was quick though, it lasted for only half a day because I went there for work. Before heading to our target destination, my colleague Iza and I decided to grab lunch first. Iza, I then found out, is also a food lover. Throughout the ride down South, we were comparing notes on the different food places that we have dined in Tagaytay.

While our list didn't vary much, Iza offered to take me to this place that has become her newest Tagaytay favorite called Army Navy.

Army Navy is located inside the Yellow Cab property along Aguinaldo Highway. I got so amused when I saw the counter. It is located at the left side of the Yellow Cab building with tables scattered outside. Dining here is done Al Fresco style. The structure looked like a bomb shelter which perfectly matches the theme of the restaurant.

The menu is simple. Just as the header says "What will it be today? Burger...Burrito...Both?" However, even how simple it was, I had a hard time choosing which one to try first so I just allowed Iza to surprise me and she took care of ordering our lunch.

Waiting time was longer than usual because I was told that they prepare each order on the spot. No pre-assembled burritos here so freshness is highly guaranteed.

Finally, the 20 minute wait is over! Our friendly server carried our trays of burritos to our table. The sight of our huge burritos with a slice of lime brought silence to the table. A fork on one hand and a knife on the other, in one swift motion, we began to ATTACK!

Iza got me the Steak Burrito (Php. 155) that has juicy pieces of beef combined with Mexican rice, veggies and cheese wrapped in soft tortilla. While I normally add lots of garlic cream sauce to my burrito, this one was so flavorful that I only remembered to add some when I was already halfway through my meal.

Here's a must-try food stop in Tagaytay especially for those who would like to have a short break from the regular local cuisine. I will definitely be back and this time, I'll try the burger.

Army Navy is located along Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City.


  1. i dont think its a sister restaurant of yellow cab..

  2. hi there! :) actually it is as per my friend who works for yellow cab ;) try it, it's goood!!

  3. Really?.... I don't think so.

    Well... That's not what I got from my friend who works for yellow cab as well.

  4. How long has your friend been working for that company anyway?

  5. hi anonymous! ive reconfirmed this info and apparently it was easily assumed that army navy and yellow cab are under the same owner but as it turns out they're two different entities. thanks for pointing this out.


  6. Sure.

    So tell me, was it worth the money you paid for?

  7. Dear All Food Lovers,

    Check your guilt at the door. From the real Fresh Fries(Freedom Fries), crispy Onion Rings ,Soft Tacos, Fearless Fried Chicken ,quench thirsting Ice tea(LiberTEA),Tortillo chips with cheese & jalapeno dips like no other and their famous Triple layer Burger (Bully Boy ) and Burrito , everything at Army Navy Burger Burrito is stick-to-your-ribs delicious. So it only makes sense that dining here would be a luscious affair, worth every calorie-laden bite.

    The variety and authenticity of Army Navy Burger Burrito at Tagaytay have kept me a customer since it opened last Feb 2009.Its worth the drive from my home in Alabang.

    So if you're ever looking for great food from Breakfast burrito to Fresh Fries this is the place to go. They have extremely large portions for a great price and all the food that they serve are extremely great .

    You name it and it will become a favorite!

  8. Dear Person From Alabang,


    You got me convinced... I'll give it a try...

  9. Not worth the trip and the money.

  10. Try Zark's burgers in front of la salle taft, on top of yellow cab. one of the best! :D google it. :D

  11. Zark's burger is the best! yummmy! :D There's Army Navy now infront of LaSalle. Zark's and Army's indeed now in a competition. :) Lovelovelove both of 'em. :)

  12. love their burger!!!!! im craving now :D


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