Lasagna on my Pizza?

When I first saw the banner promoting Pizza Hut's newest product, I couldn't believe my eyes. Viva Lasagna, was written in huge bold letters and underneath is a photo of a giant pizza. "Talk about Carbo-load", I said to myself.

Who would have thought that a week after, I would get invited to the media launch for the same product.

Seated inside Pizza Hut Bistro, my colleagues and I chatted while waiting for our pizza to be served. We wondered how on earth can they combine a pizza and a pasta without making a single slice too much for a meal's consumption.

Finally, our Viva Lasagna (Php. 475) pizza has arrived and just by looking at it, it's surely the type of pizza that can be shared by a group of 5 or more. Look at how big it is!

that's Cheers, Yummy Magazine's newest editor, looking at the Viva Lasagna pizza

Taking a closer look, I first noticed that the crust is not too thick or too thin, this is what makes the Viva pizza different. So how did they merge the pizza and the lasagna? I noticed bits of meat, lots of cheese and the pizza is actually topped with strips of lasagna pasta. Very clever indeed! :)

Finally, it's time to take a bite.

I enjoyed the sweet, salty meat sauce and the fact that the pizza is literally bursting with cheese. One slice is packed with so much flavor that I really enjoyed every bite. Yum!

My birthday is coming up and I'm actually thinking of treating my friends to a fun pizza party with of course, Viva Lasagna!

Viva Lasagna is available in all Pizza Hut outlets nationwide. Call 911-11-11 for delivery.


  1. ive seen the add of this new product from pizza hut and im curious about it.
    well, it looks and sounds delicious so we'll probably have to try it out! thanx for the post!

  2. thanks for dropping by Mrs Lavendula :) let me know what you think of the pizza ;)


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