Lasagna on my Pizza?

When I first saw the banner promoting Pizza Hut's newest product, I couldn't believe my eyes. Viva Lasagna, was written in huge bold letters and underneath is a photo of a giant pizza. "Talk about Carbo-load", I said to myself.

Who would have thought that a week after, I would get invited to the media launch for the same product.

Seated inside Pizza Hut Bistro, my colleagues and I chatted while waiting for our pizza to be served. We wondered how on earth can they combine a pizza and a pasta without making a single slice too much for a meal's consumption.

Finally, our Viva Lasagna (Php. 475) pizza has arrived and just by looking at it, it's surely the type of pizza that can be shared by a group of 5 or more. Look at how big it is!

that's Cheers, Yummy Magazine's newest editor, looking at the Viva Lasagna pizza

Taking a closer look, I first noticed that the crust is not too thick or too thin, this is what makes the Viva pizza different. So how did they merge the pizza and the lasagna? I noticed bits of meat, lots of cheese and the pizza is actually topped with strips of lasagna pasta. Very clever indeed! :)

Finally, it's time to take a bite.

I enjoyed the sweet, salty meat sauce and the fact that the pizza is literally bursting with cheese. One slice is packed with so much flavor that I really enjoyed every bite. Yum!

My birthday is coming up and I'm actually thinking of treating my friends to a fun pizza party with of course, Viva Lasagna!

Viva Lasagna is available in all Pizza Hut outlets nationwide. Call 911-11-11 for delivery.

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