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I started blogging as early as 2001, this became my source of relaxation and a way for me to hone my writing skills. My blog back then was filled with personal insights, a bit of drama and less photos.

I stopped for a while when I joined the corporate world but I guess, passion will never die and it will burn even stronger when kept inside. That's how it was with my passion for blogging. Before I knew it, I'm starting to blog again this time through my multiply account.

Eventually, I got around to opening a new blog site. Thus, Frannywanny was born.

As much as I love to eat and write, I also love to read food blogs. From them I would get marvelous recommendations on the newest food spots in town. One of the blogs that I regularly follow is Table for Three, Please.

What do I love about it?

Well, let's start from the photos. A food blog is all about making your readers hungry. Your aim is to make their tummies rumble after reading your blog at any given time of the day. I can't believe that even if the trio would just talk about a simple dish such as Pork Binagoongan, they were able to capture it in its best angle making it look so mouthwatering.

Imagine how happy I was when I was invited by Franco to guest blog. He told me that they are looking for food spots that are easy on the pocket provided that this does not involve a burger, a regular serving of fries and a cup of soda.

This prompted me to go on an early morning food trip. Sharing with you my first ever post as Table for Three, Please's guest blogger and believe it or not, I just spent a total of Php. 130 which made my mission very successful.

The Frugal Foodie: Saturday Mornings at Salcedo

*Frannywanny's note: Thanks Franco!!

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