Mommy's Day

My mom is simply the best.

Sure, she can be a nagger..and believe me she can be pretty good at it. She will always remind me to take my vitamins, to sleep early, to exercise, to come home before midnight and the list goes on and on and on. She is also not afraid to tell me if I'm doing something wrong and will also be the first to boast of our achievements.

Mommy is the best shopping buddy, movie partner and food trip companion. She is someone whom my sister and I would run to when we had a bad day at work or things just didn't turn out the way we would hope it would be.

Despite her petite frame, she was the strongest one during our family's darkest moment. I'd like to think that Papa's health has improved so much because of her patience, determination and unconditional love.

It's Mother's Day again this Sunday! Once again, my sister and I are thinking of sweet surprises for her. Look what landed on my email inbox just this morning...

For our mommy who treats herself to a piece of donut after a hectic day at work, I think she deserves a box on her special day. ;)

We love you, Ma!

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