Lovin' it at Hong Kong: Sweet Endings

Unlike our Guangzhou trip which was filled with new food discoveries, our Hong Kong escape was a bit more laid back... too laid back in fact that we veered away from searching high and low for interesting food spots. What stood out, however, were the desserts that capped our meals during the three days that we were there.

Mango Loco

During our first night in Hong Kong, Paul and I walked around the neighborhood to re-familiarize ourselves with Tsim Sha Tsui. While walking along one busy road, we saw a small brightly-lit store that actually has a crowd waiting outside. This got us so curious that we quickened our steps towards the store to see what it's all about.

On the counter were laminated menus with photos of iced mango drinks. Scanning the menu, we realized that Hui Lau Shan is a dessert store and inside are tables filled with teenagers and yuppies enjoying their fruity desserts.

In order to satisfy our curious state, we ordered a Mango Sago to share. After waiting for two to three minutes, our number was called. Taking a closer look at the clear plastic cup, we noticed layers of tiny sago at the bottom of the cup poured in with thick mango shake and topped with mango cubes.

As we prepare to take our first sip, we both hoped that the mango was sweet enough to make our dessert experience enjoyable. One sip was all it took to make us fall in love with Hui Lau Shan's dessert! No wonder the place was always packed!

We screamed for ICE CREAM!

It was a warm second day and after walking all the way from Central to the nearest tram station and again walking around Causeway Bay to finally reach Time Square, Paul and I agreed that we deserve a treat.

Actually, on the way to Hong Kong, I made a mental list of to dos and this includes trying Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. So, to fulfill my wish, we ordered a cup of our favorite Strawberry ice cream.

We love the milky strawberry cream mixed with bits of fresh strawberries. It was so good that we wanted more after finishing a cup.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Sweet dessert for Breakfast

It was our last day in Hong Kong and it was hard to accept that our six-day vacation is coming to an end. Luckily, we got the last flight out so we had time to still shop and eat. While walking around looking for a place to have brunch, I chanced upon a stall that sells Egg Tarts.

I guess it is common perception that egg tarts were originated in Portugal thanks to the famous Lord Stow's Cafe. What I later found out was that there are two versions of egg tarts: Portugese and Hong Kong-style.

A Hong Kong-style egg tart is served piping hot as opposed to the Portugese version which is served at room temparature. Also Hong Kong-style egg tarts do not have milk in the custard and spices like nutmeg or cinnamon are not sprinkled on top of the tart too.

I love the silky sweet egg tart that I bought that morning. It reminded me of my favorite dessert -- creme brulee minus the caramelized top. Truly, a trip to Hong Kong is not complete without having a taste of their Egg Tart.

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