It's BACK!!!!

A wonderful good morning text greeted me this morning and I knew I have to make a trip to McDonald's today, no matter what.

How I wish this can be part of the core line-up but then again, this is what makes the Twister Fries so special. The fact that we have to patiently wait for it to be available once a year and we make sure to indulge and enjoy this to our heart's content before it disappears again.

Thank you McDonald's for making my day!! :)


  1. HOLY MOLY! They're back!!! Do you know how long they have it for??

  2. @chichajo: according to my friend, the Twister Fries will be available until supplies lasts :) so looks like it won't be around for so long :P

  3. I just watched Ice Age 3 the movie last night with neighbors. Waaay better than Transformers 2.


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