when ALFALFA meets DARLA in the CAB

"You are so beautiful to me...can't you see...
you're everything I hope for..you're everything that I need"

Who can ever forget The Little Rascals? Remember cute little Alfalfa dressed in a crisp tailored shirt with a hair sticking out at the back of his neatly combed 'do singing this lil off-key song to Darla who fluttered her adorable lashes at her young suitor?

Yellow Cab Pizza Co. is bringing back memories of our childhood with their newest pizza creation called Dear Darla (10"=Php. 275, 14"=Php. 435, 18"=Php. 595)!

pretty Phoebe as Yellow Cab's newest endorser ;)

What makes Dear Darla different from the regular Yellow Cab pizzas that we all love is that it's actually a thin crust pizza served with a generous amount of arugula (my favorite!) and alfalfa sprouts. To eat this, you have to add the veggies inside, drizzle it with chili oil, roll it up and ENJOY!

The Dear Darla pizza is available in all Yellow Cab branches in Metro Manila.


  1. ve been wanting to try this! is it really good? :)

  2. @u8mypinkcookies: yup i like it! would have been better though if they added more arugula! :)

  3. LOL at my happy birthday smile :D

  4. thanks for the heads up frannywanny :D

  5. @phoebe: blooming smile phoebs! :) hope to see you sooon!!!

    @u8mypinkcookies: anytime!! ;)

  6. we had tried last sunday! im giving two thumbs up to that.

  7. i've been wanting to try this!!!!


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