Lechon Lunch

I got a treat for lunch today :)

Normally, lunch at work would consist of a sandwich and a piece of banana. This is part of my ongoing campaign to eat healthy. Well, I took a break today.

Joining a couple of colleagues as we made a trip to Quezon City to try a certain restaurant, a big brown signage caught my eye the moment we arrived at the venue, Sabroso: Incredibly flavourful lechon , it read. In an instant, I recognized the restaurant as as this has been mentioned a couple of times by my good friend Jane.

Who can ever say no to lechon..most especially one so crispy and mouthwatering?

Standing outside the restaurant, we unanimously decided to give it a try and to have lechon as an appetizer. Since we didn't want to fill our stomachs up right away, we ordered a one-fourth kilo (Php. 140) of crispy lechon to share.

Service was quick, it took them less then five minutes to bring the platter of lechon to our table. We surveyed the crispy, shiny lechon skin that covered up the rest of the tender-looking pork meat platter.

It was the first time that I actually had lechon as an appetizer and without an occasion. Since lechon, a local roasted suckling pig dish, is a main staple in celebrations such as birthdays, family reunions even Christmas parties, I'm glad that Sabroso offers smaller servings for those who just wants to satisfy their sudden lechon cravings.

I can't wait to go back soon and hopefully be able to try their Lechonero Meal which is a great deal at Php 120. This meal includes a good serving of lechon, fragrant rice, soup and lemongrass iced tea.

I'll definitely be back, Sabroso!

Sabroso is located along E.Rodriguez ave. corner Tomas Morato. They deliver for free within San Juan, QC and New Manila. Call them at 515-8259 or 515-8253.


  1. hey Fran,

    that lechon photo is making me drool and it's starting a lechon crave again...

    The 140 for 1/4 is not such a bad deal and the skin looks soooooo crispy!


  2. we went back the next day and unfortunately the skin wasn't as crispy..i guess it's best to go to Sabroso during lunch when the lechon is newly roasted. :)

  3. saan ko ba unang nabasa yang Sabroso? ah, sa multiply. the pic looks divine, nakakagigil, hehe.

  4. Your picture got my attention, and then couldn't stop drooling over (I notice everyone says "drool" a lot when talking about this place) their multiply pics. Added this place to my foodtrip list. Looks sulit. ;)

  5. thanks for dropping by maggie and Leslie! :) hope to see you here more often :)


  6. Lechon for appetizer? That is a cruel self-indulgence, ha-ha, but I am curious to taste one for myself. Nasty.

  7. @fine life folk: may i suggest that you go there during lunch as the quality of the lechon is better :)

  8. I will. Porky's image is so magnetic, I can't resist experiencing what you experienced. Thanks for the tip. Noted: lunch time.


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