It's finally here.

Just nine years ago, I blew eighteen bright sparkling candles from my three layered debut cake. Dressed in a ruffled, princess-like gown, I celebrated my coming of age with my closest friends and relatives. That year also marked the beginning of college life and a whole new world of discoveries for me.

This year, the celebrations were more intimate but mind you, there were just as meaningful. Looking back, my 26th year has been eventful. It really brought me all the HIGHs and a bit of LOWs.

I'd like to take a look back at the THREE greatest things that made a huge impact on my 26th year of existence:


Where will I be without them? I'm truly thankful to have the greatest friends on earth (make that both online and offline).


I am thankful to have a blog that allows me to unleash my passion for writing. Through this blog, I am lucky to have the opportunity to meet wonderful online friends who regularly drops by.

3) LOVE.

In 13 more months, I will be walking down the aisle of Sanctuario de San Jose towards the man who has been my pillar of strength, my shoulder to cry on and the love of my life for six happy years. Together, we will make a vow in front of God and our loved ones that we will stay together and will love each other forever and ever :) Boy, I CAN'T wait!

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