A Yellow Cab birthday

It was the day after my birthday and my friend and former colleague Ding invited us to a fun pizza and pasta party at the new Yellow Cab store in Glorietta 5.

Despite that it was raining the whole day, we still made it a point to go all the way to Makati for dinner. After all, how can you ever say no to pizza?

It has been almost a year since I last saw Ding and there were a lot of catching up needed to be done. Dinner began with a platter of crunchy Tortilla Chips with two types of dips -- Tomato Salsa or Cheese Jalapeño. While Janey preferred the Cheese Jalapeño, I enjoyed dipping my chips into the Tomato Salsa which has chunks of juicy sweet tomatoes.

Yellow Cab is known of its pizza but they got really good side dishes too! We love the Hot Wings (Php. 195) which is a different take from the traditional Buffalo Wings. Instead of coating it with chili sauce, Yellow Cab's Hot Wings is deep fried and marinated in their signature spicy sauce.

The Twice-Baked Potato Halves (Php. 195) is also something worth ordering. If you love baked potatoes, then you'll definitely fall for this. It is served piping hot with lots of cheese, bacon, sour cream and chives. At first glance, it somehow reminded us of the Hong Kong egg tart that I had last month because it is baked to perfection giving it a golden yellow finish.

The stars of the show

For years, we have grown to love and continuously crave of Yellow Cab's Charlie Chan's Pasta. Guess what?! Now, there's another pasta option that will also perfectly go well with your pizza!

We were introduced to the new Chicken Alfredo Pasta which is a cream-based pasta added with a touch of pesto from the basil, meaty chicken chunks and juicy olives. I can still remember the delighted look on Didi's face when she saw the olives (teehee)!

I really enjoyed the pasta and I'm glad that the Greenhills store is one of the five stores that will initially carry this. Other branches include: Mall of Asia, Glorietta 5, People Support and Alabang.

Of course, a visit to Yellow Cab will never be complete without pizza! Ding asked us to choose our favorites which wasn't so difficult because the group unanimously voted for the Roasted Garlic & Shrimp (RGS) and the Corona Chicken Salsa (CCS) pizzas. I've been a fan of the RGS for years. Whenever we would order pizza in the office, this would always be my default choice.

Thanks to Phoebe who recommended the CCS, I now have a second favorite! The Corona Chicken Salsa is perfect for those who wants their pizza to have a bit of the Southern touch. As the pizza was served, Ding immediately squeezed a fresh slice of lime on the pizza. It has just the right amount of southern spice which complemented the chicken chunks and a generous amount of oozing cheese.

The Finale

We were so full that I even considered taking a stroll before heading home. This was before Ding gave us half a pint of ice cream (Php. 95) each. Since it was difficult to choose a flavor, Paul and I got two of our favorite flavors to share -- Strawberry and Pistachio. The ice cream was so smooth as it gently glided down my throat. I love the tin can which I'm currently re-using as a container for my paper clips.

A pizza party with the greatest friends on earth...I couldn't ask for more ;)

*photos by Paul Ang
**thanks to Ding of Yellow Cab!*waves*

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