Thursday Club series: Pizzeria Toscana

It all began one night at a casual Italian restaurant in Ortigas where four girl bloggers (and a super game, cheese-loving guy *peace Chris! hehe*) agreed to meet up to finally attach a face to the names often seen in the blogosphere. Since then, they would go around town trying out new restaurants and at times inviting more common friends to join them. Over good food and a million stories shared back and forth, the Thursday Club was born.

Every other Thursday, the group will meet in a different restaurant chosen by one of the members. This week it was Didi's turn and to satisfy our pizza craving, we chose to dine at Pizzeria Toscana.

It has been more than a year since my last visit and it still has the same cozy ambiance that I truly enjoyed before. The photos of celebrities enjoying a plate of pasta are still present but there's also an addition of framed write-ups from the country's leading food and lifestyle magazines. This just goes to show that Pizzeria Toscana is not a secret anymore.

A Magical Dinner

While waiting for our order, the owner's 11-year-old son Miguel entertained us with a few of his magic tricks. I got to say -- this kid has talent! He has successfully amazed us with his card tricks which prompted Jane to also reveal her hidden talent. :) After a few more tricks, our pizza and pasta have arrived.

We got the Pizza Rustica (Php. 310) which is a thin-crusted pizza with anchovies, pimiento and black olives. It has successfully married the saltiness of the anchovies and the sweet and sour flavor of the pimient. I also like it that the pizza is not at all soggy with olive oil.

While the pizza was good, the highlight of my dinner was the Salmone Pasta (Php. 260). It's a cream based pasta with smoked salmon. It reminded us of Sab, the fourth member of the Thursday Club, who loves cream-based pasta!

The noodles were cooked perfectly al dente and the amount of cream added was just enough. It was just right to perk up the flavor without making the dish too rich or too bland. I also love the bits of salmon added but it would have been better if they added smoked salmon with caviar too! ;) Then again, this might bring the price way way higher.

After dinner, we stayed and talked about work, Didi's upcoming wedding and a lot more. Before we know it, the servers were quietly pulling up chairs from the tables beside ours which signals that the restaurant is closing. We left and promised to see each other again next Thursday.

Pizzeria Toscana is located at the G/F Dunville Condominium, 1 Castilla st., New Manila in Quezon City. You may contact them at 411-3550.

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