Want it Fast? Get your documents via Teleserv

Admittedly, I am not the most patient person in the face of the earth. While I manage to keep a happy disposition most of the time, my patience quickly runs out especially when pressed for time or when faced with an important task that I want done right away. I move fast simply because I want to complete my work ASAP.

Take my wedding preparation a year back for example where Paul and I were given a long list of requirements by the church before they can fully processed our papers for our BIG day. Given that both of us have day jobs, we basically just have the weekend to attend to all our pending tasks and we simply have no time to line up to request for any essential documents as we both know this could take up the entire day.


Luckily I chanced upon Teleserv, a local website where I can request for all our NSO documents such as our birth certificates and the CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage) with just one phone call. Of course I was hesitant at first but after chatting with their friendly call center agent, I was impressed with her professionalism and immediately agreed to request for these papers and to pay for them where we were assured that our documents will be delivered to our residence right away.

Paul took care of paying for our documents -- Birth Certificate (Php. 330) and CENOMAR (Php. 430). In two days after paying for it, we got our documents delivered straight to our doorsteps. It was so easy!

Since then, I've stayed loyal with Teleserv, this year I have requested for another batch of birth certificate and our marriage certificate to apply for our travel visas. Even my sister was impressed as she was rushing to have her passport renewed and requested for her birth certificate via Teleserv as well.


Sadly though, we failed to avail of their passport renewal service thus the hassle that my sister had to go through a few months back. I'm making a mental note now to course my next passport renewal with Teleserv hoping they can speed up the process and lessen our waiting time at the DFA.

fast five

A few weeks back, we were invited by Teleserv for a movie premiere. To be honest, I didn't realized that it was by Teleserv when I was asked if I was interested to watch Fast Five. I immediately said yes knowing that Paul loves the Fast and the Furious series. It was during the event that I found out that Teleserv has been in business for quite some time and aside from processing your certificate needs and passport renewal, they can also offer assistance to the OFWs too.

Just like the movie, Teleserv can get your documents straight to your doorstep quickly without the hassle. This is the beauty of technology, gone are the days where you have to devote your time in lining up. Now, all you need is a phone line, your basic details and soon you get your certificates right away.

Visit the official website of Teleserv to check out their full list of services. Call them at 737-1111 for birth certificate requests. 

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