Revisiting Angel's Kitchen in Greenhills, San Juan

For those who may not have noticed, Angel's Kitchen was my first entry in this blog. In fact, I was inspired to go back to blogging and to bring Frannywanny to life after my dinner at this restaurant. I love the homey feel and the fact that they serve really good food.

Not known to many, Angel's Kitchen is owned by five ICA mommies who eventually became really good friends as they all share an immense love for food and cooking. Prior to the restaurant, they would spearhead cooking demos and they have even created an amazing cookbook that I'm sure is present in most kitchens owned by an ICAn.

You might be wondering what on earth ICA is. It's my alma mater and I'm very much proud of it. ICA stands for Immaculate Conception Academy which is located in San Juan. Back then, no one knew what ICA was or probably that it exists thus we have to say "it's the girls school beside Xavier" that's when people would suddenly go "ahhh..." At present, a lot of ICAns have become successful in their chosen career, eventually becoming role models in their own rights which in effect has made ICA a popular choice within the Fil-Chi community.

Ok, enough about my alma mater and more on the food at Angel's Kitchen.

It's nice to think that even after a decade of graduating from High School, my classmates and I would still make it a point to meet up once in a while. Normally certain events would really push us to set a mini-reunion and these includes: someone announcing her engagement, someone getting married or a balikbayan classmate coming home for a short vacation. This was the case last Monday when we all got together to have dinner with Karla. She is now based in the US and she came home with her then fiance, Mike, to get married. After their wedding last Saturday, we all agreed to meet up for dinner before Karla goes back to the US again.

Our reunion location never changes. It has always been within the Greenhills area where it's most accessible for most of us. Thus, Angel's Kitchen was our choice since Karla has not tried this yet.

angel's kitchen

It was raining pretty hard that evening that a lot of our classmates were a few minutes late. It's a good thing though Angel's Kitchen served their signature complimentary crostini and spread to keep the early bids busy. The early birds this time were my best friend T followed by Paul and yours truly. I really didn't mind waiting as I enjoyed the Pesto Cream spread and Crostini conveniently parked in front of me. While I still prefer their Chicken Pistachio Pate more, this one was pretty good.

One classmate came one after the other and soon our long table for 10 was filled with happy chatter and loud laughter.

angel's kitchen

Paul and I initially wanted to share but after going through the menu, we just couldn't agree on just one dish thus we ended up getting one each -- Paul got his favorite the Pinakbet Rice w/ Lechon Kawali & Chocolate Bagoong (Php. 398) while my choice was the Parmesan and Caesar Glaze John Dory Fillet (Php. 378).

I initially wanted to get my favorite Lamb Curry with Apple Raisin Chutney (Php. 478) but felt that it might be too much for just the two of us. This is definitely a must-try as I love the tender lamb meat and the sweet chutney that goes very well with the mildly spicy curry. So good!!

Ever since Mommy made Paul try the Pinakbet Rice with Lechon Kawali during one of our family dinners a few months back, he has been getting this at every chance he gets. It's truly a manly-man's dish with three meaty slices of Lechon Kawali and a HUGE serving of rice. His only complain is that the Chocolate Bagoong simply doesn't taste like chocolate at all. Still, he loves this dish and can't help but order this in every visit.

angel's kitchen

I, on the other hand, wasn't too happy with my Parmesan and Caesar Glaze John Dory Fillet meal. I find the dressing too creamy and a tad too sour for my taste. The fish was just a-ok but there's really nothing too spectacular about this. How I wish I just followed my heart and went for the Lamb Curry that evening. I'm lucky though that Paul, sensing my disappointment over the fish, gave me one Lechon Kawali and one forth of his Pinakbet Rice. Thus, my dinner wasn't entirely ruined. Thank God for giving me a sweet husband. ♥

One serving is quite big that we didn't have room for dessert anymore. Service was great the evening, our water bottles were immediately refilled and our orders all came in time. Angel's Kitchen is the perfect go-to place when you want delicious home cooked meals that doubles as a comfort food too. Paul and I will always go back to Angel's Kitchen for my favorite Lamb Curry and his Pinakbet Rice.

Lastly, for those who just can't have enough for their dips, dressings and spread. They now have a little deli adjacent to the restaurant called Mi Casa. Now I can have Angel Kitchen's Chicken Pistachio Pate anytime I want.

Angel's Kitchen is located at 57 Connecticut Street, Greenhills, San Juan City. Call them at 721-8822.

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