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Every time, every single opportunity I get, I try to improve this site in the best way I can. I listen to requests sent by readers and I try to apply them here in order to give all of you the best reading experience possible.

frannywanny ovi

Thanks to Nokia Ovi, I was given the chance to create a new medium where you, my readers, will be able to access and be updated with my food and travel stories anytime, anywhere.

Downloading is simple. Just visit my official landing page at the Nokia Ovi Store and press the "Send to Cell" button. In a few minutes, you will be receiving a message in your phone with a link that will lead you to where to download this app. EASY!

frannywanny ovi

If you're like me who likes to while away time while browsing the net, then this app is perfect for you! You'll be able to read this blog through your mobile phone wherever you may be at whatever given time of the day!

This is the reason why I love technology, it speeds up productivity while making it easy for us to do things right.

See you all at my Nokia Ovi store! :)

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