I’m a Star…Watch me Shine!


“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I think I’ve heard this question a number of times as a child. Relatives, family friends, basically everyone and anyone older than me have thrown that question my way hoping I’d give a kiddie beauty pageant answer like “when I grow up, I want to:
a) be a doctor to save lives.”
b) be a lawyer to defend the poor.”
c) be a superhero and save the world.”
Sadly, probably to their disappointment, I had a very simple dream… “I wanted to be a housewife.” Yes, even as a little girl, I knew I wanted to meet my Prince Charming, have the cutest and smartest kids and live happily ever after. Blame it on Cinderella or Snow White but in my little world, I just want to live happily and to have a life filled with love.


I never thought I’d be part of the corporate world and in fact am enjoying every moment of it. Sure, in college, I dreamt of working in a magazine industry and I was pretty specific then that I only wanted to be part of only ONE particular magazine company… I guess I am a very lucky girl as I got exactly what I wished for. :)

Call it surreal but I’m loving my life, though not as an editor as I initially have dreamt I would be, but I got something just as cool as that…I get to handle three magazines that I love and I still get to write through this blog which is being read by amazing readers like you!

No matter how big or small our dreams may be, what matters is that it plays a big role in shaping who we are and how we want ourselves to be. We are all stars in our own right. We should learn to see the greatness that lies within ourselves. It’s all about celebrating the little triumphs and capabilities that we have.

Girls Rule!

Contrary to most oriental families, I’m lucky to be part of a family that gives equal footing and importance to the female members of the clan. Take my maternal grandmother whom I lovingly call Amah, for example. Orphaned at a very young age, she took care of her four other siblings and stood as head of the family. Due to their financial difficulty, she wasn’t able to graduate high school but was very lucky to have met and be married to my grandfather at the young age of 16. Leaving China and moving to the Philippines, she could hardly speak a single Tagalog or English word. Still, she did not allow her language barrier to handicap her from being the best mom and entrepreneur that she could be. She took care of their textile store while my grandfather would be out of the country most of the time for business trips while keeping a very good and tight relationship with my mom, aunt and three uncles.

At present, my Amah is a loving grandmother to 7 grown-up grandchildren, 6 of which are girls and with only one lone grandson. Needless to say, our family is purely dominated by women. Even at her age, Amah is a star. Everyone loves her and believe me, she is our biggest fan. Forever supportive of our endeavours, she continues to encourage us to pursue our dreams whatever these may be.

Amah has been my idol and I live my life knowing that whatever decisions I make, whichever path I take, I will always have my family supporting me and that’s with my Amah and Mom being at the forefront of the cheering crowd. That’s female power for you!


Which got me thinking….in what aspect do I star at? I racked my brain and even bugged my husband to point it out for me but eventually, it all came clear and simple…

I star at expressing myself through writing.

This blog is certainly the biggest and most obvious explanation for it but looking back, I realized that I love to write and my thoughts easily comes pouring out the moment I have either a pen on my hand or my fingers on the keyboard. Yup, that’s me, I live to write and I most certainly am having a grand time doing so.


How about you? What do you star at? Share them with us at http://www.facebook.com/shineonsister and you’ll be amazed of the number of things you and only YOU are actually good at.

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