Deliboys in Greenhills, San Juan

I guess our love for food truly runs in the family... I strongly believe in this as every member in the family loves everything and anything about food. From cooking to trying out new dishes, from visiting new restaurants to actually writing about them, we can just talk about food for hours and which actually makes a very interesting dinner topic.

However, my cousin took a step further and opened his very own deli. That, in itself, is a true testament about how passionate he is about food and that he would love to share this with his customers.


Meet the Deliboys. The brainchild of Wilcon Syjuico and Perry Choi, this cozy looking deli located at the 3rd floor of the newly constructed Northeast Square is your go-to place of delicious cheese, cold cuts and steak. The best part is, these are sold at very reasonable prices making you want to go back for more.

One afternoon, wanting to unwind so badly, I was invited by my mom to have a light afternoon snack at my cousin's deli. To be honest, I've never met Wilcon before -- one drawback of being part of a HUGE family. All I know was he was the grandson of my Amah's (grandmother) brother making him my 2nd cousin.

Entering his deli, I love the clean simple look which was dominated by the colors red, white and black. It looked very neat and modern making it quite inviting to its customers.


We immediately checked out the chiller and I was happy to see that they have boxes of Camembert cheese available. My favorite! While admittedly I find their selections quite limited with probably just 10 cheese variants available and 15 cold cuts in stock I'm sure, in time, Wilcon and Perry will eventually source for more items for their customers to enjoy. *truffle salami and cheese PLEASE!!!*

We were ushered to our table and were handed the menu. We found out that they change their menu items on a monthly basis testing what the customers want and adding more in the process. Scanning through the menu, we settled for the Salmon Lasagna which sounded pretty unique given that we're used to the ones filled with ground beef.

deliboys cheese platter

Of course, we have to try their cheeses and cold cuts thus we got the Cheese and Cold Cuts Platter. The good part about this is you can actually customize the type of cheese and cold cuts you want in this platter. Since Mommy loves hard cheese and I prefer soft cheeses, we got a few slices of Fontina and one whole Camembert to share. To go with our cheese, we had slices of Turkey Salami as well.

deliboys salmon lasagna

Our Salmon Lasagna was the first to arrive and it was good enough for the three of us to share. Mommy took the first bite and I was surprised to see her nodding afterwards. My mom, the healthy eater, is never fond of anything with butter and cheese and it's truly a surprise to see that she liked the Salmon Lasagna. This prompted both Paul and I to take a bite as well. Paul likes the mix of chunky salmon into the entire pasta dish. It's not as filling as a normal lasagna would be making it perfect for our snack. However I feel it can also be a meal on its own when eaten alone.

I love the sweet tomato sauce mixed with not so heavy cream. It's a wonderful creation which I hope both Perry and cousin Wilcon will consider keeping.

deliboys cheese platter

Up next was our cheese platter. I was impressed with the presentation of the dish. All the more making the cold cuts and cheeses truly mouthwatering. This was served with Cranberry Bread which gave a good touch to the salty cheese. I love the Camembert which I think I ate more than half of, it was simply perfect with a piece of chopped walnut covered with honey. So g-o-o-d!!

It's too bad that I don't drink wine otherwise, I'm sure this would have went perfect with it. Instead, we had iced tea which was pretty yummy too.

I was surprised at how low the prices of the cheeses and cold cuts were. The box of Camembert was around P120+ which normally is close to P200 in other delis. A pack of cold cuts were only at P66. Pretty reasonable, don't you think?

Wilcon and Perry are also very proud of their steak. That we will make sure to try in our next visit.

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Check out Deliboys at the 3rd floor, Northeast Square building, Connecticut street, Greenhills, San Juan City. Call them at +63 (2) 964-1638.

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