2nd's -- Comford Food Revisited at Bonifacio Highstreet, Taguig

What's your comfort food?

I've asked this question a number of times and for me my comfort food is simply a plate of Farfalle alla Genovese from Cibo. I can have this at any given time of the day and it never fails to put a smile on my face.

After working our hearts out at the recently concluded Yummy Eats, my boss treated us to lunch to celebrate our victory and to unwind. His choice was perfect -- 2nd's. A restaurant that aims to feature comfort food with a twist. I trust my boss for his taste in food that I easily rely on him to give amazing restaurant suggestions and dishes to try.

We arrived at Bonifacio Highstreet just in time to beat the lunch crowd and I initially wasn't able to spot 2nd's right away as there was nothing but a simple signage by the building's facade. To easily guide you, 2nd's is located across Cav Wine Bar currently occupying the space where Mag:Net used to be.


We took the elevator up and followed the signage telling us to turn left leading us to a big wooden door. As we opened the door, we were immediately transported back in time. The dark wooden interiors reminds me of a scene out of The Godfather movie with a bookshelf lining the wall and big couches at the side. At some point, I was expecting Al Pacino to come out.

A pretty brown menu was handed to each of us and the line-up was simple. Taking up just two pages and nothing more. Scanning the list, my eyes zeroed in on the Bacon Chicharon (Php. 275) which sounded simply sinful. I pointed this out to the group and we all agreed to order this to try it ourselves.


As the Bacon Chicharon was served, everyone was so excited that we all immediately took our own piece to try. It's funny though that we all had mixed feelings about it. My boss didn't like it and felt it was just covered with too much flour, nothing extra-ordinary in his opinion.

I, on the other hand, enjoyed it. It comes with two types of dips : Muscovado Mustard or Spiced Vinegar. I prefer dipping it into the Muscovado Mustard more. True, it was not as unique as I was hoping it would be but I love how it can make a great starter. After all, who doesn't like bacon and chicharon?

2nd's red horse fish and chips

We each had our own choice for our main course and mine was the Red Horse Fish & Chips (Php. 520). I laughed when I first read the name of this dish in the menu which later prompted the team to convince me to try it. In my mind, it's your typical beer-battered fish and chips. A safe choice yet I wonder what difference would the Red Horse beer make? I love that it was presented in a flat wooden board with a bowl of Spicy Fries and a big deep-fried fish fillet at the center. I quickly prepare bite-sized pieces for my lunch companions to try and they all liked it! I have to agree with them. I love fish yet am not fond of fish and chips because I don't like my fish overly coated with breading. I'm happy to note that the Red Horse Fish Fillet had just the right amount of coating giving it just the right crunch without making you feel extremely guilty for taking in all those calories.

The Spicy Fries was also a favorite most especially by my boss who loves spicy food. I initially munched on a few pieces but soon I can feel my cheeks heating up and my tongue burning that I turned my full attention to the fish. The fries actually reminds me of the bowl of Cajun Fries that I had at The Boiling Crab in California.


For dessert, we all shared on two orders of the Leche Flan Turon ala Mode (Php. 235). The story here is that we initially just ordered one but after taking his first bite, my bossed loved it and signaled the waiter to get us another one. I agree it was good. We're now wondering how did they cook this without making the leche flan (caramel custard) inside melt. I guess it's time for us to experiment in our own kitchens. The dessert was light and not so sweet. I love how they added in a scoop of ice cream to cleanse your palate. This is one thing you have to try when dining at 2nd's thus always make sure to save some space for dessert.

The dishes may be a bit pricey but the delicious food and superb service totally answers for this. On my next visit, I will make sure to try their Porkchop, the Truffled Mac and Cheese and a lot more! It was a fun lunch out session spent with colleagues and truly a great way to celebrate after months worth of sweat, tears and effort poured into our biggest event to date.

Visit 2nd's located at the 2nd floor, Wumaco Building 1, Quadrant 3, 9th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City. Call them at +63 (918) 822-8362.

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