CONTEST ALERT!!! Crumpler Philippines launches its Dry Red Line

Summer is definitely here and one thing that I love about this time of the year is that it's the perfect season to hit the beach! While I'd love to get a tan (or at least I continue to dream to get one); this year, I'm heading somewhere cold to chill like a polar bear and to have a perfect excuse to wear my fluffy, puffy coat!

Don't you just love traveling? I simply get the thrill out of getting a new stamp on my passport and really, I hope that I'd be able to fill it all up someday. I just love looking at the different stamps and visas that I get from every country.

With numerous traveling comes endless packing. This is one skill that I admittedly have yet to perfect. I use to be a travel hoarder wherein I tend to bring my entire house with me when I travel. As a result, I always have to deal with overweight luggages or a frustrated Paul, trying his best to make everything fit. That was until I went to the US for a two weeks vacation and there's really no other way to go but to pack smart and to just bring the essentials. I've learned the secret of rolling your clothes to lessen the empty spaces and how to pack in liquids without making a mess. I have a long way to go but I'm getting there.

crumpler 1

Crumpler Philippines recently launched a new line called Dry Red. A visit to their store and I was given the chance to see all 11 kinds. From a toiletry bag to backpacks, from handy overnight laptop bags to a huge check-in spinner bag, they have it all and they got it in my favorite color...RED!

Let me share with you some of my favorites:

Dry Red 4 : The Check-In Luggage

dry red 4

Since Paul and I travel together a lot now, we usually share a huge luggage for our clothes and travel necessities and have a smaller hand-carry for our gadgets and urgent needs (eg: hat, shades, shawl, etc). Just recently, our poor luggage was destroyed perhaps due to mishandling by the plane staff. The combination lock was cracked into half and the only way to safely lock our bag is with the use of a padlock. So much for modern luggage safety measures. What I love about the Crumpler Check-In Luggage is that it has a huge capacity of 58L but only weights 3.7kg.

No fancy lock mechanism making it safe from possible cracks and damages as it gets tossed around during transfers.

Dry Red 9 : The Rolling Tote

dry red 9

Call it love at first sight but I find this handy rolling bag a cutie. This is perfect for overnight business trips where I can snugly fit my laptop and pack in some clothes too.

dry red 9 b

I love how you can just pull this bag around giving me no need to carry it on my shoulders. Bye bye back and shoulder aches with this adorable bag.

dry red 9 a

I love the bright red color giving it a fun personality amidst all the black business-like bags out there.

Dry Red 10 : The Carry On Spinner

dry red 10

This is the bag that Paul and I will be bringing with us on our upcoming trip! This slim and light hand-carry bag will contain our on-board essentials since we will be flying for 4 whole hours. I'm definitely bringing a bag of candies to fight my air sickness, my ear phones, Paul will have his neck pillow and since it's expected to be chilly by then, I'll have two light blankets for each one of us too.

dry red 10 c

I love how it has so many compartments! In the front pocket, I'm putting a copy of my favorite magazine there. We can also put in a pair of flipflops too!

dry red 10 b

Paul fell in love with its simple yet sleek design. Once again, no complicated yet doom-to-fail modern lock system. All we need it a padlock and we're good to go! We can also lock the outside pockets too!

dry red 10 a

Inside, we can pack a few clothes which we always do just in case of emergency. This can also be used for weekend trips locally.

Crumpler surely thought of all the traveling needs of its consumers. There's just a lot of space for all your things and each bag still stays light no matter what. I love the Dry Red Line as it's a perfect marriage of beauty and functionality. Traveling, after all, should always be fun!

CONTEST TIME! Guess the Crumpler Dry Red Bag!

Since I'm sure a lot of you will be heading out on a trip this summer. I'd like to give a lucky reader the chance to receive his/her very own Crumpler Dry Red Bag!! I've hand-picked this particular bag simply because I think it's the most versatile of them all.

It's perfect whether you want it as a backpack, a sling bag or a suitcase! It can fit a 17" laptop and your overnight clothes and toiletries too!

This is perfect for the traveler who's always on the go.

Now, here's the question:

crumpler 1

Guess the Crumpler Dry Red Bag # and where are you heading to this summer?

Contest mechanics:

1) Like the Official Facebook Page.

2) Share this entry via Facebook:
- Click on the Share button on top of this post. A blank box will pop out and and type this: "@Frannywanny I want to win a Crumpler Dry Red bag!!! @(tag 3 friends)" After you're typed in your entry, click Send.

example: @Frannywanny I want to win a Crumpler Dry Red bag!!! @Friend1 @Friend2 @Friend 3

Note: Please make sure that your profile is set to public (everyone) or this won't appear on my Facebook page.

3) Leave a message at my comment box with the URL link of your message complete with your name and email address. Then leave your answer to the question: Guess the Crumpler Dry Red Bag # and where are you heading to this summer?  Failure to do so automatically disqualifies the entry.

Clue: Here's the complete Crumpler Dry Red Line

4) This contest is open to all readers in the Philippines. The prize will be delivered to you via courier.

5) One entry per person only!

6) This contest will run from March 12, 2012 - March 24, 2012. I will be notifying the winner via email and will also announce it here in my blog.

7) Winners will be chosen via Electronic Raffle. I will be raffling off the bag to those who got the correct answer.

Good luck!!!

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