Presenting the Crumpler Dry Red # 6 bag!!! ...and the WINNER is...

I love being the bearer of GOOD NEWS! Just the same way that I love receiving good news myself. Before I finally reveal who's the lucky winner of the recently concluded Crumpler Dry Red blog contest here at, I'd like to thank ALL 109 readers who took time out to submit their entries. If only I have 109 Crumpler Dry Red bags to give out, I'd gladly play Santa to all of you who joined right now.

crumpler dry red 6 contest

The guessing game is over and I'd like to present to you the Crumpler Dry Red 6! This is what one lucky reader will be receiving from me very very soon!

Before anything, let me show you why this bag was my bag of choice and what makes it oh-so-ahhhmazing. This is one versatile bag. You can easily turn it into a sturdy backpack or into a light suitcase. It has a convertible strap that gives you the chance to either tote it like a sling bag, carry it like a backpack or hold the handles too. Furthermore, it can easily fit your 17" laptop and a few clothes and toiletries for overnight use. Seeing it, I'd call it a perfect travel bag especially for busy individuals like yours truly who continuous to jungle work-fun-personal-business and a lot more.

Read more about the Crumpler Dry Red #6 here.

Initially, I just had a simple summer travel plan. It just involves visiting a country up north to see the beautiful Cherry Blossoms and to stuff myself crazy with all the kimchis, bibimbaps, bulgogi and pajeon that I can take. However, lady luck must have been on my side that in the span of a week I now have to prepare for two more additional trips happening one week after the other. It'll be a busy season but I'm loving it and I'm thankful for the blessings! ♥

Incidentally, our winner is also heading to the same destinations where I'll be going to in a month's time! I really hope to bump into her there too.

crumpler winner charisse

Without further ado, I'd like to CONGRATULATE Charisse Vanessa de Leon who'll be receiving a brand new Crumpler Dry Red #6 courtesy of Crumpler Philippines! :)

Charisse, kindly expect an email from me within the day. CONGRATS and Happy Trip!!!

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